Loved Your Belt In Brighton

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Jo, Jack, Mark and Bex.

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Brighton street style: September 2017

The answer to both of those are on the streets, and not on the streets. She is Loved your belt in brighton years old now and loves to look pretty. She too parades around looking beautiful. We are long time fans; thank you. It fits very well and looks really lovely on my boy Jumpin' Jazz. I am a veterinarian and one of my Busty model the movie brought her dog in wearing one of your collars. It really caught my eye and also several of the technicians. I asked where she got it and found your website. The collars are beautifully made and very durable.

Thanks again for such beautiful craftsmanship. I received the 2 collars and lead last week and I'm over the moon with them. I had ordered them for my new Landseer pup. She's named Braveheart, that's why I ordered these collars with the thistle They suit her name so well. Again, thank you for the beautiful product and I'll make sure I recommend you to my other dog loving friends. Jolanda, Noordwijk, The Netherlands The best collars ever made. Kyle, Pembroke, MA I purchased your collars for my two dogs about three years ago. I love love love them. I have another Glen of Imaal dog I just got from Ireland.

Talented musician and seamstress Eleanor Callaghan set up the Brighton-based business four years ago. She launched a website first and now also runs a small boutique alongside her workshop on Edward Street. A magnet for trendy urban cowboys and cowgals, Dirty Harry offers rack upon rack of classic checked shirts, cowboy boots, denim jackets, jeans and dungarees, alongside army surplus bags and accessories. Reviewers love the incredible choice, the affordability, bargain rails, and friendly, knowledgeable staff. New stock comes in regularly to replace the boots and parkas that fly out the door every week. I tend to source from around the UK, and do my own hand laundering and repair.

Discover a world of vintage fabrics, feather boas, natty shirts, leather and lace. This is Snoopers Attic where a collective of designers literally live and breathe vintage.

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