Is There Any Real Women In Hong Gai

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It saved our restaurant and we see it as our saviour. There are less and less street hawkers in Hong Kong nowadays where Jer Jer Chicken Pot used to be very popular especially during winter, when people want to share a piping hot dish. Now, more and more young people go for Gai Bo instead for the similar feeling. The marinated meat is then stir-fried in a wok before being served in a clay pot and garnished with fresh coriander.

Karen Chiang She explained that hitting the correct spice notes is vital, which is why she sources their Sichuan peppercorn and chilli directly from Chongqing, China — the source of Sichuan cuisine. Whatever the story behind the dish, today Gai Bo is ubiquitous Is there any real women in hong gai Hong Kong. Dedicated restaurants have popped up rreal and right over the last decade ghere varying recipes and concepts, from classic broths to luxury toppings. There were short-lived variations involving cheese, seafood and purple sweet potatoes, and what originally was just clear chicken broth can now be found as a lobster-based soup or a cocktail of Chinese herbs.

A-la-carte Gai Bo restaurants in Hong Kong serve up premium ingredients like fresh seafood or hand-cut beef, but the true crowd-pleasers, with constant crowds of students and families, tend to be buffet-style, all-you-can-eat versions, where diners pay one price for unlimited amount of hot pot ingredients, as well as drinks and desserts. Ultimately, everyone has different criteria for their favourite hot pot restaurant, be it the price, the sauce, the chicken or the location. The woman directing traffic will try to charge you for a "foreign" ticket don't pay and the police will shake you down pay.

From there it's pretty much a straight run to the bay. If you hit the border to China then you've gone too far.

Hong Kong’s hot pot obsession

Here's how Halong Bay was really formed: There was once a great dragon living in the nearby mountains. One day he ran down to the coast and plunged into the sea. His thrashing tail tore up huge chunks of land, leaving behind only the flooded tips of karst islands. The Tarasque is a legendary sea monster close marine cousin to Nessie that inhabits the waters around Halong Bay. If you see it, take lots of photos. Go home and write a bestseller. I am told that the Halong Bay region is home to some species of fish and different kinds of mollusks. The best place to see these is in harbor right below the fishmarket early in the morning.

This area is a major seafood supply line for Hanoi and Haiphong, and you will see almost every sort of sea life imaginable - apparently all of it edible. Entire families live on their tiny fishing boats. Check out what gets loaded onto the dinghies once the fish have been off-loaded. Ice, coal, a few vegetables - it's amazing how little they need to survive.

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