Dating A Girl With Hearing Aids

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Dating a girl with hearing aids, 5 tips for dating with hearing loss

If you have hearing loss, you might wonder if you should disclose it on your profile. Whether you choose to talk about your hearing loss in your profile or not, the key to successful dating and relationships is to own your characteristic traits with honesty witb humility. For additional help virl that dating profile, here are a few tips to help your online dating life be an active and happy one. Be confident Self-confidence is the best way to earn attraction points from potential dates. We all have differences and imperfections, and instead of trying to hide them, embrace them as part of what makes you unique.

In most cases, a pair of hearing aids is hardly enough to make someone turn and run in the opposite direction. Do you have a cochlear implant? The more a potential date knows, the better they can adapt to make communication for future dates easier and more pleasant. That'd be just fine.

I know a bit of sign language and I'll be learning it in my course next year. I'm going out on a limb here but I'm sure you'd be note likely to trigger my over protectiveness impulses before then romantic ones, but that's probably just me. I actually had an ex-gf try to accuse me of not listening to her, I had to be like He's a wonderful man. Those are the type of people I would avoid. But thank you for bringing up your points, it is very true, I just am in a different area than you when discussing the deaf community, but I personally have chosen to stay out of that life.

Then cochlear scar and hearing implant are non issues. But yeah I have learned that a hearing impairment does not make any difference to a woman, but I wanted to see the consensus opinion, but I honestly didn't expect the thread to blow up like this lol. While I have many positive and negative experience with dating regular guys, I would like to hear about your experience good or bad with dating a hearing-impaired woman. Never heard of the first one, and Beethoven of course was one, but he had hearing then lost it. It would not bother me at all. Wouldn't be an issue in the slightest as long as we could communicate well or adapt in those situations where it'd be harder for you i.

When to disclose your hearing loss? We were just having a deeply engrossing and intellectual conversation about the weapons of war in Medeival England. Not because he was deaf. Also my scar is above my ear, it looks like a slice out of my head.

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