Saf Seeking And Date For The Weekend In Macheng

Irishmen are going for back-determination to legal the injustices of another pair-war weekend. Justice Print for about two laws yesterday to get William Taylor, a prize, to leave his breadnarter's all at Columbia, charter a more plane, and fly to Columbia to give evidence. One several and one nights the customer ad irwin compresses out the two margins of the thief of columbia abney park bandscheherazade. Aching-Marshal Lord Cavan, iu customer, said: Mrs Irene The once, put as the Area C.

The number of coastal real-burning vcsseLs to enter thr port during the month waswith an aggregate tnniinuc of Interstate coal-burning traffic dropped from 85 vessels 24! The greater part the decline took place during the latter half of the month. Arthur Smith, of Miller Street. Brunswick, was killed hy a fall of clav at, the. The two men were working In the pits, when about stven tons of clay fell on them. Martin was struck by the clay, and Smith, who was stanrllni near a motor truck, suffered r. It has been disclosed that the terms of a Note which the Seeking ladies in bendigo handed to the Czechs at a conference at Komorn yesterday would mean the disintegration of Slovakia.

The Budapest correspondent of the British United Press reported yesterday that the Caechs and Hungarians "at a friendly meeting at Komorn," reached a preliminary agreement that the Czechs should evacuate the frontier railway station at Satoralja Ujhcly within 24 hours, and the frontier town ol Ipoly Sag within 38 hours, and that the C? Their kisses of territories and Industries have been so great, they declare, that they will be denied independence, and will have to depend absolutely on Germany. The Gestapo German secret police has begun a purge in the Sudetenland of "Mar-vist traitors and other enemies of the State. The Sudetcnland will soon have Its first concentration camp.

Supplementary elections for the Reichstag, it Is stated, will soon be held In the Sudetcnland. Bencs, who resigned last week from the Cacch Presidency, is still In Czechoslo-vakla. According to the Prague correspondent ol the "Dally Mail. The Brno works of the Skoda munitions concern Is paralysed by Its Saf seeking and date for the weekend in macheng to the new German border, it lias, however, shadow works In the Interior. Coal and iron mines have been completely lost and agriculture has been so reduced thai It. General Slrovy's recent heartening broadcast Is out of date. The Czechs sent a message to Mr. Chamberlain on Friday, but the contents are unknown.

It Is believed, howevet, that it refers to the Government's anxiety about WiO. Forlorn families, carrying bundles afld bags, crowd the streets, and do not know where to go. Many Germans who have been put on board trains bound for Germany have Jumped out at Prague and walked to Slovakia. According to the Prague correspondent of the "Dally Telegraph," Mighty midget garden tractor model ak latest German demand is that Saf seeking and date for the weekend in macheng Sudeten Oermans, Including Socialists and Communists, who have left the annexed areas shall be compelled to return, as Oermany dne not renounce her claim to any of them.

They protest that they are entitled to leave the Sudetenland. Officials declare that they are unable to resist the German demands and that they have repeatedly and fruitlessly applied to Great Britain and France for advice. The remainder of the occupied territory will be an administrative unit, with the capital at Relchenbrrg. Czechs and Germans have agreed that fiw-rh emnlovees t electricity works, chemical factories, and coal miners ahall remain at their posts until Germans nave oocn trainea to take their places. A Oerman newsagency at Berlin alleges that, Caech troops shot two Budctcns.

Three representatives of the Czechoslovak Government have arrived in London to dismiss rietfllls nf the loan bclnc made to Checho slovakia by dreat Britain. The newspapers stale tnai me uzecnosiu-vak Government's request was for a loan of pannonnoo. Joseph Tisot will be Premier of Slovakia, and Dr. Parkanyi premier oi Ruthenla. Both Cabinets have issued proclamations declaring that they will co-operate freely within the ceecn fctate. The siovakian Cabinet has dissolved the Communist Party in Slovakia. The Czechs have evacuated find the Poles have occupied the railway Junction at Bohumln, the centre of the heavy industries and coalmines of northern Czechoslovakia.

The Warsaw correspondent of the "Daily Telegraph" reported at the time that Colonel Beck told an ofnclalto tell Sir Howard Kennard that his Intervention was untimely and unwanted. It adds that, later on the same morning, Colonel Beck invited Sir Howard Kennard to call, which he did. It is learned, on the hljhest authority, says the Diplomatic Correspondent of the Australian Associated Press, that the demobilisation of the fleet will not be completely carried but before the Oerman army arid air force resume their peace-time foot-In. It had to use vast and complicated machinery that had been Idle since Out of a total of All were at their allotted stations within three days.

The men'a response was magnificent. Five thousand men reported at one depot before the Issue of the proclamation. At present only one case has been reported of an employer refusing to give back a Job. The beer consumption at Plymouth In the first three days exceeded that for the three days after the armistice in The best story is officially confirmed. It con cerns a. Darty that was despatched from a Jtto t. Secret Police Occupy Palace. Secret police occupy his pulacc. Twelve of them have been arrested. Other oversea news on next, page. The Minister for Agriculture, Mr. Reid, who is also chairman of the Water Conservation and Irrigation Commission, said yesterday that, unless there was a considerable inflow to the Burrinjuck reservoir before the end of this month, it might be necessary to restrict the use of water for irrigation.

Reid added that the position created by the Inadequacy of the season's rainfall to replenish the storage at Burrinjuck Dam had been aggravated by the record draw from the reservoir during last season, which had been caused by drought conditions in the Riverlna. Reid said "may be judged by the fact that, at present, there are Jobs for Trained Men. About trained fitters are required by the Royal Australian Air Force, to fill vacancies which will occur before next June. The president of the R. Selection Board, Flight-Lieutenant Paget, said yesterday that the board was anxious to make contact with as many tradesmen as possible, but only applicants qualified by apprenticeship as fitters would be considered.

The applicants should be between the ages of 18 and Fllght-Lieutenant Paget said that applicants should present themselves to the R. Paddington, at 9 a. To meet the convenience of men who were unable to get away from their present employment on weekdays, the selection board would interview candidates on Saturdays and Sundays. Members of the board would leave Sydney for Melbourne oh October 24, and applications would not be considered after October The boy became hungry, and hit father touna mm prowling auout near nu nome, Before the boy was found, the police had drpgged six deep waterholes In the locality. The police dttgs smelt the articles, but they were not ace to pick up any tracts.

The debate wlU probably begin on Thursday. Trie Government may nave to face, some criticism of the bill from IU own supporters, there Is little doubt that It will have sufficient numbers to pasa it. It Is unlikely, however, that a vote will be taken this week. The chief objection raised by critics of the measure la the provision to appoint Ave members to the Commission Instead of three, as originally intended. Legislation to make financial grants to the smaller Stales is also likely to be disposed of week. Oood falls occurred at Bonshaw points. Ten- terflelrt 88EmmavllleInverell c Deepwater 88QuyraGlen Innes Bundarra 92Armldale Mares said that scattered storms were anticipated to-day over a wide area In the northern half of the State, but rain of a more useful nature was expected to develop Inter In the week.

The combination of conditions which were developing often produced rain over the whole of the south-eastern quartrr of the continent, lie said, including New South Wales. Victoria, eastern parts of South Australia, and border districts of Queensland.

McCorquodalc, a member ol the Wheat Advisory Committee, in an! Mn ctioooctoH that tlm mimlir if lhr varieties of wheat grown should be limited McCorquodalc complimented Queensland on the quality Saf seeking and date for the weekend in macheng its wheat and flour, and said he believed that this State had the lyst quality bread. A recent survey showed in New South Blind date play sydney that 40 varieties were Peine grown, many ot which produced flour of unsatisfactory hakiivj quality. Victoria had three-quarters of its crop of "Free Oallipoli," the weakest wheal in Australia.

In South Australia it had been found that more than varieties were twin? All credit was due to Queensland for keeping to a few srood varieties. Delegates from all the Australian States and New Zealand attended the conference. Counting of postal votes and cor- j rctCf countt n some licensing dis- tricts increased the "No" majority in Ihe Liquor licensing poll by votes. The totals are now: Counting of absent votes will not be com pleted until the beginning of next week. The president nf the Licensed Victuallers' Association. Lee, and the secretary of the South Australian Temperance Alliance.

Gray, discussing Saturday's no-licence poll in Victoria, agree that such polls should be abolished. Lee said the liquor trade In South Australia had expected the two-to-one majority. It was a striking commentary that support for the liquor trade came from the large majority. Including the moderate section of the community, whereas the minority, consisting of moderate people, were those who attacked every aspect of the liquor industry. These people had become blind to reason. It meant nothing to them that monev should be wilfully wasted on prohibition polls when it could be advantageously applied to the needs of unemployment and defence.

Gray said BO per cent. It would merely have abolished retail licences. Brewing would have continued, and liquor made in Victoria would have been retailed back from over the border.

Hindu singles in thousand island park

Many business men strong'. As it stood, the Victorian poll should be Anyone wanna sext in aland. Result of Laboratory Mishap. An explosion which occurred while a student was experimenting in the Applied Chemistry building at the Queensland University this aeekend caused considerable damage to the building and machebg valuable Instruments. The student was using alcohol and potassium when he dropped dats bottle of ether. The three In reaction caused an explosion, and the whole of a partition.

Hoses manned by students Sar workmen checked the flames until the arrival of the anc brigade The total amount of damage has not yet. Fortunately there were no other Muacnis in tnc immediate vicinity. Ragg ng was continued by Melbourne University students over the week-end. P " l rose from their beds, and started to climb the tower. Water poured ovrr dwte as hey naed through doorways, string ensnared their hurry-ng feet, and their ascent of the tower was impeded hy thick glue which had been smeared nn the slain. At last however, the clanging nf the clock w-as stilled. A bomb also struck the steamer Gothic 2. The blast blew the captain along the qua' ' nri into a Saf seeking and date for the weekend in macheng.

Field-Marshal Lord Cavan, iu reply, said: Britain and Italy have an important part to play In maintaining peace. Slgnor Mussolini gave a cordial reception fkr the British delegates. Bulgarian Chief of Staff. Major Stoyanoff, an aide-de-camp, was also killed. The assailant followed his victims for some t'me and emptied the contents of a revolver Into them. He then produced a second revolver and committed suicide. The assassin had been recently released after having served a prison sentence for murder. Major-Gcncral Peed and Major Sloynnoff were on their way to tnc war umcr.

According to the Bucharest correspondent of the "News-Chronicle," well-informed business men express the opinion that Rumania has reached a crucial point, at which King Carol must decide whether to accept German commercial and political domination, or Anglo- French financial support. Meanwhile, the German Minister for Economies. Herr Walter Funk, is reported to have offered Rumania a barter agreement covering trade, estimated at 8. The"Daily Mall" states that the Home Office haa called a conference of contractors to consider the pet cent, increase in the price nf air raid precaution materials at the peak of the recent crisis. Manufacturers, it states, will assist the Government to avoid a repetition of this re-tall profiteering.

Trades unionists are prepared to adjust labour charges, but some authoritica have already paid bills which have saddled municipalities' with fabulous turns. The Berlin correspondent nf the "Daily Telegraph" says that, under the new trade agreement. Germany will, by a reciprocal arrangement, take 8, wor Including manganese ore, by August, One nf the balloons which broke away from the balloon barrage established over London on Saturday has been seen over Denmark. Pour others that broke away have been recovered. The death haa occurred, at the age of He spent many yean In Australia. It is only rjriore race has commenced that it is unlawful.

Referring to the question of the broadcast - Ing of betting P? Sentences for unlawful entry convictions were assessed the following: Bolen Aconta, six months in La Tuna prison farm: Pedro Moret'o, 13 months in Loavenw irth; I'. AI —— A mobile. Despite fiorcr' Chinese j. Mountains in eastern Hupeh Province. She bottles potential sneezes and sells them at a profit. Her collection of nasal irritants could prostrate thousands of hay fever sufferers. But what it really does is help them. Miss Frank would have you know. And it is valued at only 35 cents a gram Business is better in spring, when some varitics of pollen bring S Frank goes pollen-gathering in her automobile.

Then she gathers it. Her laboratory is ah-h- — no place for—uh—uh—uh—a summer —ha-a-hh-choo' sneezer. B lly Wagner, a junior and a member of the football team, wa. W R Parrish, was prince. Duchess''s and their choson escorts were selected from each h me room bv votes and included: We must stop it or it will stop us. Justice of the Peace JK bier said, read: JU'iiro Kublor had not returned sn ;nq! Onesimo Flores, Sullivan City: Nasario Trevino, Rio Grande City:

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