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But he denied it, and eight books with the remaining accounting of Neways Colombia disappeared from his court. The judge ignored the multimillion compensations calculated by five court accountants, and he closed the case 14 years later. Encyclopedia of corruption InVirginia Vallejo offered her pages-long monthly statements to the Colombian enforcement agencies; but all of them refused to investigate the multimillionaire fraud against thousands of Neways independent distributors, and the Colombian DIAN and American IRS.

Samper had received eight million dollars from the Cali Cartel for his presidential campaign. In Marchthe Department of Justice sentenced Tom and Dee Mower and their lawyer to 36 months in jail for their felonies, and for obstruction of justice during the investigations of the FBI. Before the verdict, several Russian diamond distributors died mysteriously on the eve of their trip to Texas to file a class action lawsuit against Neways International and the Mower family.

People that offer their cooperation to the Colombian criminal justice system are often killed Phone numbers of girls vallejo disappeared; so Virginia Vallejo asked the American embassy for Phoen protection, in girlz for information and evidence Pjone the criminal organization of the Mower family in 38 countries, and the links of the Cali cartel bosses with Colombian presidents and prominent politicians. The program literally paralyzed Colombia: In vallejl event that the journalist returned to Colombia, she would be killed, so she decided to stay in Miami and request immediately political asylum.

The Department of Justice took control of their fortune of 2. It was commented by heads of State, human rights organizations, and leading media worldwide, like TIME and Numners New York Times, and it became instantly the 1 continental bestseller. The author was literally crucified by the Numebrs government, presidential families, and their media. She describes in detail not only her love and passion story, but also the evolution of the psyche of a pioneer and entrepreneur of crime that in vallwjo 15 years built the most brutal machinery of terror and continental corruption ever seen.

On February 14thMr. To cover-up the crimes described by her, the media adulterated completely the testimony of Virginia Vallejo, and began posting under her name in Google monetary offers for her death and rape, together with her address, phone Mclean community center mcc teen, and e-mail accounts. The purpose was to confirm the claims made in her book against leaders of the paramilitary squads founded by Pablo Escobar, Carlos Lehder, and The Mexican in On July 6thon her way to the Colombian Consulate, she was hit by a car; she survived the attack, but was injured and hospitalized. The decision of the judge was based on her career as a journalist, her political opinion, the crimes described in her book, and the brutal attacks from the Colombian government, the paramilitary, and media owned by presidential families or billionaires linked to the government.

During more than one hour, in front of the attorneys of the petitioner and the Department of Justice, the Honorable Liliana Torreh-Bayouth listed almost one hundred reasons to grant political asylum to Virginia Vallejo. Then, she delivered her decision to the attorneys of the parts, congratulated Virginia Vallejo for her courage, and wished her the best in her new career in the United States of America. Verdicts in the army and Santofimio cases Six days later, on June 9thColonel Ret Alfonso Plazas was sentenced to 30 years in prison for the disappearance of the employees of the cafeteria of the Palace of Justice and a rebel woman detained after the conflagration in The following week, an international humanitarian organization had to take Judge Maria Stella Jara and her 4 year-old boy out of Colombia to save their lives.

The author synthesized her strange fate in one phrase: The foreign editions were released inand the Spanish reprint and English version will be launched in During her life, she has occupied the covers of dozens of magazines, and her unique story and career have been portrayed in thousands of worldwide media articles and television interviews. We were just making music for the streets. In my mind, when I first started making music, I was like, I just need one song that I can just get some Bay Area love from, so people just know me in the Bay. I never thought it was gonna be taking off like this. I just wanted the streets. For me personally, I was singing some gangsta shit.

Like damn, that fast? The fans really be pushing that shit. If you go by the views and stuff. Some people be excited. Your close family — your mom, your grandma, be happy for you. But then you have some real close friends, cousins and shit, they might feel different. You leaving me behind. People say when you get money or fame, people change, but I feel like the people around you change, because they look at you different. People look at you like you can easily be touched.

So you want to move your family away from the negativity and the bad shit, and get them in a place where you can be stress-free. Slimmy B, Yhung T. To be honest, America is fascinated by the poverty, the lifestyle, by the hood. Look at 21 Savage, Mozzy too. Growing up in that type of environment gave me the authenticity to know how to talk about it. We had our own style, we made music how we thought our music should sound. So therefore, we are our own artists. We just tryna advance, get better. We want to do more than music. Put shit together like the Jay Zs and 50 Cents. You made that one song.

We want to give back to the community, all that. This is easy, this is without trying. So imagine when we do try. I just got a newborn. I love my son to death. And that song did numbers. That just shows a lot of people are going through the same shit. But you can listen to it in a cool vibe.

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