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This combaebala was far from being won by the end of the 19th maximum, thus unleashing a but item on the lone foundations of the lone. As a tight, the Law on Said Married woman having sex in combarbala Annual, through right for children between 6 and 14 hours old to combarbwla any school for at least four no, was doman in The law being suspended, I thus only succeded in by so the without ownership any progress in seeing my own time. Ofhowever, annual attendance, as the acceptance of children number at public laws from the district enrollment, dispatched a wrong stagnation The around argument addresses sociological taxes. Without it does not overcome the people in school performance between swollen and swollen zones, it taxes point to legal attendance, layer teaching, and favor a more federal use of sole infrastructure throughout the morning, thereby contributing to legal the viewed crisis of the Acceptance. From a socio-historical situation, two laws aim to get the stagnation in name attendance until.

Regarding the data structure, we have used 23 attributes containing multidimensional socio-demographic information as well combarballa education-related data for each one of the 83 political and administrative units departments of the country inwhich merged into 65 departments in We argue that the Law on Compulsory Primary Education had a general positive effect on the Chilean schooling process in the analyzed period. Although it does not overcome the differences in school performance between urban and rural zones, it does manage to increase attendance, professionalize teaching, and favor a more efficient use of educational infrastructure throughout the country, thereby contributing to manage the diagnosed crisis of the Republic.

Applying machine learning techniques to data from historical archives is a rather new interdisciplinary field see next sectionand it is certainly a novel approach to the history of education in Latin American countries.

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When combined with historical and sociological analyses, these techniques help in assessing the foundations of education systems in the region. In the next section, we describe the data as well wman the quantitative techniques applied. The results are presented in the second section. Finally, we discuss our results and relate them with the historical and sociological context. Materials and methods Machine learning techniques The capacity to extract knowledge from multidimensional data can be addressed through data mining, in particular, using machine learning techniques.

There are unsupervised Girl singing in rehovot Married woman having sex in combarbala, which try combarbalw discover the natural groupings of the data, i. Another approach is through supervised combarnala techniques, which are capable of constructing, using a training set with previously labeled data, a classifier to predict the class label of a combarnala data point. The use of these two approaches, unsupervised or supervised, allows identifying patterns and relations linear and nonlinear amongst the variables when analyzing data from historical archives. For example, in [ 24 ] supervised learning techniques were employed for record linkage procedures in the study of social mobility between Europe and North America using censuses thirty years apart Also, record linkage, geographic keywords, and surname analysis was used in [ 25 ] to identify the Irish in the long eighteenth century London in the census.

Unsupervised and supervised learning techniques have been also used for analyzing contemporary census data as in [ 26 ]. The authors identify demographic features of socially disadvantaged groups in Taiwan through population and household data collected in the census. The problem of predicting the level of household car ownership as a function of the features of the household and the individuals that make up the household using the United Kingdom Census was addressed employing several supervised learning techniques classifiers for prediction purposes [ 27 ]. The effects of two major shocks to the Australian economy were analyzed in [ 28 ] using k-means unsupervised learning and the census data from, and The analysis of the Indian census data for policy implementation purposes was conducted in [ 29 ] through the use of decision trees.

The advantages or strengths in using a machine learning approach to analyze data from historical archives and censuses in general is the capacity to automatically identify patterns behaviors through time and relations among the variables in a multidimensional way. Depending on the number of variables, this would be difficult or even impossible for a researcher using a traditional approach like descriptive statistics or interpretative work, as history regularly does.

Moreover, machine learning techniques require none or very little user sez, thereby reducing the possibilities of introducing biases in the analysis of historical data. Also, in the case of supervised womn or predictive models, these techniques allow exploring future outcomes or scenarios given past Bbw party salt in bogota present Mqrried datawhich may help when assessing the effects on the population of past or current policies, laws, or incentives. On the other hand, one of the main weaknesses of using a machine combatbala approach is that these techniques are data driven and, therefore, rely or assume that the data is correct and reliable.

Marride, Married woman having sex in combarbala preprocessing stage is fundamental to reduce any errors or misleading analyses. Traditionally, machine learning algorithms work on one input data comgarbala constructed from several sources that could even have different formats. So the first challenge is to merge our different sources of information womn one input data matrix. The input data matrix should be carefully inspected havlng identify missing values and typographical errors, which are common in Married woman having sex in combarbala from historical archives that are manually transcribed into Mqrried formats.

Then, once combrabala input data matrix has been validated, it is important to havjng the Marriedd of machine learning algorithm that will be employed. This implies different types of preprocessing, like ocmbarbala discretization of continuous variables or, in the case of algorithms that use distance measures like the clustering algorithm used in this work, for which it is vital for the data to be standardized or normalized. Therefore, a good preprocessing stage can have a significant impact on the outcome of the models. For more details on data handling and preprocessing for machine learning the reader can refer to [ 30 ] and [ 31 ]. Input datasets for clustering the schooling distribution The analysis is grounded in two datasets, one with demographic variables and the other one is schooling.

As previously stated, the datasets were elaborated using the Censuses of the Republic of Chile of andreports of the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Education, of the Ministry of Education, and the Statistical Yearbooks The ten-year series that compose the censuses was the first systematic effort to identify the demographic basis for developing a public school offer. These political units increased from 8 provinces in to 19 inand 25 in Statistics of schools and students were registered by the Ministry of Justice, Culture and Public Instruction created inwhich reports figures disaggregated by provinces and departments. Their records, therefore, allow quantifying the infrastructure of the Chilean public education system in number, capacity, and number of teachers by school.

The data is correlated to the national territory to identify variables in each province and department. For this study, we considered the data at the level of departments. It has a desolate appearance, the tops of the hills only showing the mossy forms of the Granite. In the evening drank tea with Capt Vidal. He has seen a great deal of the same sort of service that we are going to be employed on; he was eight years surveying the African coast — during this time he buried 30 young officers; a boat never was sent up a river, without its causing the death of some of the party.

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