How To Get Rid Of Chick Weed

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Since this may not be the best way to kill chickweed, as it may kill other plants too, its application should be used sparingly and carefully in order to remove chickweed from garden areas. Another option is to dust chickweed with ammonium ro while fo morning dew is still on it. Follow label directions for proper application rates. How to Kill Chickweed in the Lawn In chic, areas, pull How to get rid of chick weed from the ground to expose the soil. The soil should then be aerated with an aerator or shovel. If using a shovel, place gashes in the ground at least two to three inches deep and every one or two square foot. Spread a combination of fertilizer and weed killer over the affected area to eradicate chickweed.

Always read the instructions carefully before applying any type of chemical to ensure that it is done correctly and at an appropriate time. Also, note the best time to water the area. Alternatives to pulling are: A lot of weeds are sensitive to overloads of this liquid iron. I was surprised how well it worked in killing a variety of creeping weeds like chickweed in my lawn without hurting the grass. You'll go through some dollars buying it in a heavy infestation like yours, but at least it's a "natural" control as opposed to a synthetic chemical. Again, keep it off existing veggies because it'll kill them, too. Smothering the weeds with plastic will work, but that takes your garden out of play for part of the year.

Clear plastic works better if you go that route.

How to Get Rid of Chickweed in Your Yard

How to get rid of chick weed the bed first and then stretch a sheet chifk thick clear plastic over the bed for 6 to 8 weeks in June and July -- the sunniest part of the year. That super-heats the ground and kills off just about anything green, as well as many disease-causing microbes in the soil. Inoculate t bed with a fresh topping of compost after the plastic comes off to replenish the "good" microbes that also will be killed and replant a fall crop. Chickweed has shallow roots and is quite easy to pull out with your hand or with a garden hoe. Take care to remove the entire weed from the area, because chickweed can reproduce through the root and not just the seed.

Use a glyphosate-based post-emergent herbicide weed killer on the area if the chickweed covers a large area or if you are unsure if you pulled all the weeds. Spray the herbicide directly onto the weeds, taking care to avoid contact with other plants.

Avoid pf an herbicide if possible because it will kill other crops or plants it comes in contact with. Aerate the affected area with a hoe or shovel to reduce germination. The less depth the seed has, the less likely it is to sprout.

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