Exotic Shorthair Kittens For Adoption In Florida

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The head is set on a robust, short, square body, with short but stocky legs xhorthair by an abbreviated thick tail with a rounded tip, that is carried low. All Persian coat colors are recognized, which embraces the full array of the rainbow plus a multitude of patterns including pointed coloration lighter body with darker extremitiescreating a shorthaired version of the Himalayan. The eyes are a pure, deep color corresponding to that of the coat gold to copper in most varieties; green in the chinchilla and the golden; blue in the white and the colorpoint.

The breed does not reach full maturity until around the age of two. Temperament The easy-going Exotic Shorthair is an affectionate, gentle cat with the quiet manners of the Persian.

Exotic Shorthair Cat Breeders: Florida

Exotic Shorthairs will request your attention with an irresistible gaze, and then hug you when you pick them up. They will follow you shorthaid room to room to be near you, and then jump in your lap for a nap when you settle down to read a book. Their shorthaired ancestors have Exotic shorthair kittens for adoption in florida adoptino a love of play, and they will jump to catch a toy or sit studying how to get a toy that is out of reach. Simple things amuse them, such as chasing paper balls around xdoption house, or watching the water drip out of the tap. While seen but rarely heard, the Exotic has a soft voice and a vocabulary of chirping sounds.

Although sweet and peaceful, Exotics still have an intelligent ehorthair that makes them a joy to be around — and since they are so easy-going, they get on well with children and other pets — dogs and cats alike. The Exotic prefers not to be left alone, and needs the presence of its owner or voices or smells reminiscent of its people — such as a radio left on for company. They tend to show more affection and loyalty than most breeds and make excellent lap cats. Their calm and steady nature makes them ideal cats for dwellers of city apartments. Since Exotics retain some of the energetic spark of their American Shorthair ancestors, they are often capable mouse hunters, as well.

Unlike many other breeds, Exotics are not great jumpers, and prefer to remain fairly close to the ground, although they are capable, for example, of jumping up on a kitchen stool and hanging out, watching their people cooking. However, they are not rowdy, and do not have the tendency to climb the curtains or the walls— for which some Bengals are famous! Thus, they are likely to create very little damage in your house. To influence the final desired outcome of your mature cat, it is recommended that you begin to shape a new kitten at a very early age.

Feline Infectious Peritonitis caused by a Corona Virus Be very Careful buying your new kitten from Catteries until you are comfortable with their husbandry and Vaccination protocal. Call around and be sincere and ask about other breeders experiences with the cattery you are interested in buying from.

Ask about the initial contact and the sale process going forward. Ask about how the communications went and if they felt at ease and comfortable dealing with the breeder. Was there Exotic shorthair kittens for adoption in florida an issue that needed diplomatic handling. If so what was the outcome? Do they get thier kittens feline leukemia and internal parasite checked and offer that in a health certificate from a state qualified Vet. Many say they have a health certficate when it is just a visual from the vet and no testing is involved.

A visual vet check health certificate is the minimal required by the airlines to get them on a plane to you and is no guarantee of health. These are just a few important points to ponder. Its just smart when paying what we do for a nice show baby. Would you really give someone several hundred dollars or more and NOT have them tested negative for these things from a qualified vet?? NEVER take someone's word on this. Have the tests done Prior to them leaving for your home. Run if the breeder strong arms you or insists their are other buyers waiting for them to call. Many do not offer a refund Chances are you will not. We had 4 girls and a boy and with blind luck had very healthy little cattery.

He was in quarantine in my office when he began symptoms 7 weeks after his purchase.

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