What Does Wearing A Cross Sideways Mean

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With so many diverse opinions on wwearing the sideways cross means, it is impossible to know for sure why someone wears one, unless she expresses her mind on crss matter. Different people have different notions, and their reasons for sporting a cross in aa horizontal position What does wearing a cross sideways mean vary. Is it good for a Christian to wear a sideways cross? There is nothing overtly sinful about it. And if it gives one sidewways to express faith in Christ, so crosz the better. The amount of confusion and ambiguity regarding the meaning of a sideways cross might give some Christians pause.

Does a sideways cross bring glory to God? So while other ancient symbols gently fade on clay, stone and vellum in museum cases, this most gruesome Roman instrument of torture continues to be part of the backcloth of our daily lives, even in countries like ours, where Christian churches echo more year by year with a growing emptiness. As an international symbol, it's been staggeringly successful. But are we so familiar with the cross that we don't really see it any more for what it is? I don't believe it shouldn't be a piece of jewellery. But if you have either no idea why it's important, or if you simply want to wear it because it looks nice with that particular dress, that's appalling to me, because there's a huge cosmic significance in the subject.

Bling or blasphemy? Upside-down and sideways crosses showing up in fashion

Otherwise, you may as well just wear a gibbet round your neck, or an electric chair. And in fact if you look back at the history of the cross - that is what you're doing. So sidewways has to mean something a good deal more than that kean be something tolerable at all. Ann Wroe, writer and historian Not sidewags ago, you might wear a small cross under a shirt if you were a churchgoer, or a big one outside your shirt if you were a Cardinal. In recent years, though, it's become the height of fashion, and many celebrities won't step out in public without sporting a msan chunk sieways jewel-encrusted What does wearing a cross sideways mean. Talisman But according to fashion journalist James Sherwood, they have more than glamour in mind as they fasten the clasp on their designer crucifix.

They hope it's going to do crpss job for them. I think we're in an era of "pick and mix" religion now, particularly with celebrities. They've probably just borrowed that little bit from Catholicism and I do think that they look on it as a talisman, as a protective force. Liz Hurley, for example, wears a Theo Fenell cross and she calls the public "Civilians" - it's "Us and them" sidwways. And I do think it is a superstition, obviously, because they're not gonna hold wearig cross up to the public and make them wither away like vampires - that's ridiculous. But there is still enough respect Whatt this world for the cross, that when these girls are wearing it it gives them a kind of added piety.

It lends them that sort of veneer of piety, which is obviously misplaced wideways a celebrity. James Sherwood, fashion journalist Campbell Gillespie - a sales executive from Merseyside - believes that the gold cross his grandmother gave him voes saved and almost cost sidewajs his life in August We were coming to the last part of the run on a Sunday morning, about 8. Lightning attacked the gold cross round my neck that was given to me by my grandmother and put me six feet in the air. I landed head first into the concrete into a deep puddle, landed face first. Ray resuscitated me and Norman held me in the recovery position while Ray ran for help.

They put me in the ambulance. Unbeknown to me some of my friends had gone back to where it happened, and had found the gold cross which was lying on the concrete, not a mark on it. So they brought that up to the hospital, and I came out of the coma on the Friday. On the Monday I had a 6 hour operation where they rebuilt my face, basically. They put 12 plates in my face. So I don't remember anything of August. I don't remember much of September. But things become much more clear in October. In a way, the lightning was attracted to the cross.

If it saved my life, why did the lightning strike it? So I'm in "catch 22" over the situation. But I'm alive - and I don't know who I have to thank for that, but I thank them, because I was an inch off checking out, y'know? I will start wearing it again one day. My mother's offered to get me a chain for it, but I'm just not awfully confident at the moment, for obvious reasons. I have it in my drawer but I don't wear it at the moment. Campbell Gillespie, lightning strike survivor The belief that the cross can ward off evil and protect the wearer goes back a long way. From the early centuries of Christianity, it's been a custom among Christians to make the sign of a cross on themselves with a hand.

At first, it was done with the thumb on the brow, on rising in the morning, settling to eat, starting a journey, going to bed. Pope Benedict XVI delivers a blessing, Westminster Cathedral, Then it grew into the fuller gesture we have today - from head to heart, and shoulder to shoulder. But this symbol means so much to people, they still can't agree on how it should be done. Should it be made with three fingers to signify the trinity? Or five, to number the wounds of Jesus on the cross? Even today, the Catholic west crosses itself from left shoulder to right, and the Orthodox east does it from right to left.

Clearly, this symbol still has the power to divide opinion, and some of the hottest debates about the meaning of the cross in recent years have been conducted not in churches, but in art galleries. The cross in modern art Art George Heslop is an artist who's been making and exhibiting chocolate crosses for over ten years. Not just crosses, but crucifixes, with the figure of Jesus also rendered in chocolate. For Heslop, chocolate offers the ideal medium for an exploration of his childhood faith. I make two types of chocolate crucifixion. I make a series in dark chocolate and a series in white chocolate. At first, I was using the two different types of chocolate, one to represent bronze and one to represent marble.

Chocolate is a very seductive material, and I found that I was seduced by the Biblical stories, the commandments and Jesus's miracles. I was looking for a material, and chocolate seemed to be the perfect balance. It was the perfect connection with childhood; chocolate can as a gift, it's a reward - but it's also a punishment if it's taken away or not given. George Heslop, maker of chocolate crosses George Heslop insists that his work is not meant to debase Christianity, though he admits that when a visitor took a bite out of a chocolate crucifix - at a gallery in Liverpool - that did smack of blasphemy.

But Heslop is not the only contemporary artist to appropriate the power of the cross into his work. A symbol of democracy. A cross on a ballot paper The American artist Andre Serrano achieved international notoriety when he suspended a crucifix in a glass of his own urine, and a recent exhibition in London features a full sized crucified Christ made of cigarettes, by artist Sarah Lucas. Offensive they may be, and at least some of them are clearly meant to be. Artists have always used the cross as a way of getting a reaction. And it isn't just painters either. Greg Ezell, an ordained minister in the Holston Conference of the United Methodist Church, says he's not offended by the cross fashion trend.

Everything it represents is just the opposite," says Ezell, who is moving from Chattanooga this week to Rural Retreat, Va. Films such as "Rosemary's Baby" and "The Omen" have furthered the image of an inverted cross as satanic. I thought for the demographic for selling it here, it would be appropriate. Clearly, though, some do view the trend as disrespectful to Christianity.

Online shoppers interested in purchasing the trendy cross accessories for that purpose won't have a shortage of places eideways find the fashion, including Dysfunctional Doll, which describes its necklace as an "unholy inverted cross necklace occult black metal pendant. Sideways is a different story. It has far too much meaning for me," she says. The sideways style has been on trend for a while now, and I finally decided to jump on the bandwagon.

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