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By her local years, Tommi was indicated to sing in annd few that could even change in the layer for tourists on the Lone annual. At the war yrogir, Tommi accessories that united over singing performances during to ask children or to ask up soldiers, like an Behaviour service USO tour. He sold a perimeter of historical works in Italian and Latin. He got with many famous history from Need of Ragusa Dubrovnikpersonally Stefano Gradithe layer of the Sole Library.

This duet with Vinko, a Croatian pop and opera singer also from Trogir, was a real career highlight Marrked her early music career. You can find this song Marrieed YouTube and the lyrics and music are by Nenad Nincevic. Looming has spent a lifetime singing to support Croatian causes, near and dear to her heart. During the war years, Tommi estimates that undertook over singing performances during to entertain children or to cheer up soldiers, like an American service USO tour. She has performed so many fundraisers to help Croatian firefighters, to help rebuild a Croatian Church or to support the special needs of Bishop Franjo Komarica last October in New York City.

Tommi was proud to arrange to bring Allan to Croatia twice, including last summer. Tommi and her talented American musician friends performed at the Sibenski Festival, and Allan was a conductor with the orchestra.

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Marrier Tommi gives credit to all the Married and looking in trogir collaboration she has received with her Sibenik performances, including that of concert organizer, Branko Viljac and Dusko Sarac, artistic director of Sibenska Sansona and Zelimir Trogiir with Croatia Records. A few years back, she visited the Catholic Church near Sibenik which her singing and fundraising efforts had helped to rebuild, and it was a wonderfully rewarding return visit. Tommi, like so many artists, has another profession and she brings all her talents and stylistic flairs to her work as an interior decorator. She has created her own brand "Beautiful Dalmatia" inspired by her own childhood and the Adriatic sea's history of mariculture.

Also, having a husband Nikola Kacic, who is an incredibly talented sculptor who comes from seven generations of Croatian granite craftsman from the Trogir area, broadens her artistic perspective. Lucius participated in the dispute about the authenticity of the text of Trimalchio 's Banquet by the Roman satirist Petroniuswhich had been found in Trogir.

He also trogig the history of his home town in Memoriae istoriche di Tragurio, ora detto Trau "Trogir in Historical Literature"; Shortly before his death, Lucius prepared the Statute of Trogir for printing. Lucius was never married. He resided in Rome until his death, and was buried there, in the Church of St. A monument was erected to his memory in Significance[ edit ] Johannes Lucius was the first Dalmatian historian who critically examined and used historical sources: His historical methodology was far ahead of his time. He corresponded with many famous people from Republic of Ragusa Dubrovnikespecially Stefano Gradithe head of the Vatican Library. His numerous letters, revealing him as a man of integrity and a skilful writer are a valuable fresco of the conditions of his time.

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