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Not a problem, we can show you all of the puppies we have the ability to purchase through our network of licensed breeders. If you see a puppy that you like and want to purchase, we can order it for you and it will be Lab puppies for sale in atlanta our store within a short period of time. Custom ordering is not more expensive than a normal purchase and you can save thousands buying your puppy at Puppies Galore versus other puppy stores. Puppies Galore carefully chooses each dog that comes into our store. Our puppy store does research on the breeders in which we purchase puppies from to ensure they are licensed and are compliant with state laws. When you purchase a puppy from us, it is our goal to make sure you and your new puppy are happy.

That is one of the reasons we offer free potty training classes! Potty training a puppy is something that most people dread. However, with our world renowned potty training system, it is really easy. We pride ourselves in raising quality Fox Red and Yellow labs from championship bloodlines suitable for the show ring or the field. With a low-key temperament, they are a joy to train. Our dogs are first and foremost our pets and a part of our family. What is "Fox Red"? The dark yellow or fox red was the original color of what is now the yellow shade. They were originally called Golden, until it was argued that "gold" was not a color, when they became recognized as yellow. The first yellow ever recorded was Ben of Hyde in and he was a Fox Red.

Now, yellow has a range from white to fox red and everything in between. Quite simply, we feel we have some of the best available.

They are beautiful dogs with gor heads and good bone structure. They can be used in the field or show ring and return home to be some of the most well-behaved indoor companions. Meet our family Where it all began I was born and raised in a one light town called Walnut Grove about 30 minutes east of Atlanta I was blessed to have lived next door to my grandparents.

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