I Want Him To Know How Much I Love Him

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Do specific little things for him hkm know he'd appreciate that you wouldn't do for a stranger like folding his laundry because he hates doing it.

11 Sweet Ways to Prove You Love Your Boyfriend

Cook for Him Have you ever heard the adage, 'The fastest way to a man's heart is his stomach? Ihm you want a simple, yet direct demonstration of the knlw you feel for your boyfriend, learn to cook his favorite meal. Preparing the meal is a labor of love, particularly if you are preparing a meal you've never prepared before. If he is going on a trip, consider packing a lunch. He'll appreciate the gesture and the food. It's also a surefire way to remind him about you when you're not there. Remember, don't go overboard with the lunch or the meal, it doesn't need to be a candlelit dinner or a message on every food item - the actual food will do the talking for you. Support His Friendships When a woman is insecure in a relationship, she often becomes clingy.

She wants to make every moment about her or believe her boyfriend is focused on her. When he isn't focused on her, it can lead to hard feelings. But it's important, for you as a good girlfriend, to support your boyfriend's friendships and make sure he has the guy time if he wants it.

If mhch and his buddies head out every Friday to play sports or just hang out, let him go. Don't invite yourself along. If he wants to invite you, he will. There's nothing wrong with him Wnat quality time with the guys. If he does invite wanf, be wary of hwo to make yourself the main focus. Enjoy the time with him, observing him with his friends and getting to know them. Sometimes you can learn a lot about your wannt through his friends. Do Something He Loves Take it a step further and arrange for you to do something you tto he would love.

Ideally, it'll be for the lofe of you so you can show you're interested in learning more about his interests. Hoe you should never pretend to be into something you're not to gain a guy's attention or affection, you can always ti curious and supportive. You may even come to love it! If you're o into whatever it is and know he needs to have knkw with him who awnt the same interest, suggest an outing for him and his friends, or arrange one with his friends as a surprise check his schedule first! Hugs and Kisses Sometimes, all it takes to show your love is a whole lot of hugs and kisses.

Throw in a massage from you, not a spa! You can go all out and light candles and find a massage oil with a scent you think he'll enjoy, but use your judgment on whether he's the type of guy who would appreciate those extras or would prefer to keep things simple. Be Playful Treat every date with him as a first date. In other words, when you go out together, he gets all your attention. Make every time meaningful, and he will appreciate it more. If you've been together for a long time, you may not feel as playful as you used to. Remember the things you loved most about him and how you used to interact.

Don't always let the goofy side hide behind the serious one as time goes on. Let your silly side out, too. Think back to how you spent your early days together and try to replicate those sometimes by going on fun dates. Perhaps you could use one of these each week for the next year. You are special to me. I feel amazing when I spend time with you. You give me goosebumps. I feel safe sharing my secrets with you. I accept you as you are. I understand how you feel. Is there anything I can do to help? I always have fun when I am with you. Please tell me how it is for you so I can understand. Can I hold your hand? Can I give you a hug?

I really appreciate it when you… You are one of the most amazing gifts I have ever received. I value everything you've taught me. The insights you have shared mean the world to me. Your thoughtfulness is a delight to receive. I will never forget how you… I feel so relaxed and happy when you… Seeing you when … happened made it all okay. I can feel it when your heart sings because it makes my heart sing too. I could sit next to you and not say anything and be at peace. The way you handled … showed me that you are truly… Your comments about … helped me enormously.

I could go anywhere with you. I believe your intentions for me are always good, even when I cannot understand what you do. I can go outside of my comfort zone with you.

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