How To Approach A Girl You Barely Know

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The wrong line can drive a girl away.

And what you say really depends on where you are at the beach, in a night club, at the gym, etc. Be genuine with your opening line. Are you wearing colored contacts? Just decide on an opening line and let the conversation flow naturally from there. Did you know nkow your tone knoq voice can betray your inner nervousness? Make sure to be aware of how you sound. This will help to keep gil tone of voice steady and neutral. Before you approach a girl, take a minute to relax. Focus on being grounded and allowing your body to relax while maintaining an erect posture. You can learn approacj about body language here. When speaking, smile and How to approach a girl you barely know eye contact.

Many dating coaches encourage an air of fun and curiosity. For example, if you want to engage a girl on the street or in a store, ask her something like: This will make it easier when you see a girl you want to speak with because you will have already been talking with other people in the room. Annoying a girl is a good way to start a conversation before you stop reading, hear me out! Asking a tame question about her favorite movie, book, or celebrity and then laughing to yourself a little bit at her response actually works to engage her. Plus, girls love it when you ask for opinions or advice because it makes them feel valuable. Women love to talk about themselves.

But seriously, if you look online, or in anything even remotely dating related, how to approach a girl is overwhelmingly the thing men nowadays struggle with the most. Now before you start brandishing the pitchfork, hear me out. I suppose this is why my philosophy differs from the mainstream dating advice out there. What these guys have been peddling for years is the equivalent of banging your head against the wall hoping the wall will crack before your head does. You see there are two forces in life; love and fear. Anxiety, hatred, anger, resentment, jealousy, insecurity, scarcity etc all come from fear.

Excitement, enthusiasm, joy, peace, serenity, positivity etc all come from love. And you can choose to live in fear, or you can choose to live in love. Focus In order to live in love, you need to know where to place your focus. It begins at the beginning; do you wake up and dread the day? Do you drag yourself out of bed for another crappy day on earth? Wake up and take a deep breath. As you exhale, fill yourself with gratitude. Be thankful for another amazing day on earth.

How To Approach A Girl You Don’t Know

As you brush your teeth, go through how good it is to be alive, how amazing your friends are, how every time you leave the house, you have the opportunity to meet the woman that will make you forget all other women. Re read that above part. Place your focus on what matters — here, now, today!

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