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Ladies who are very comfortable with each and can provide plenty of pleasure to each other. We at Saucy London escorts realize that escorts that label themselves as bisexual have to definitely be genuinely bisexual. If a client is making a escort booking with two bisexual escorts in London, it is important both ladies are bisexual. If only one or if neither of them are bisexual, we realize this can spoil the booking. We also have male and female couples as our clients. They may be clients that are curious about a bisexual booking. When they book a bisexual escort they will have expectations.

We always check with our bisexual escorts that they are comfortable with such a booking. Please pass on all necessary information when you make a booking and we will make sure the lady receives it. We know how significant requests are. We always make sure this information is passed on and the escorts reply too. It is important that such a booking starts in a positive manner. Rarely we get single female clients making a booking with one of our bisexual escorts in London.

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