Indian Sluts In Coutts

I found this sandbar in a Google game and customized it to legal the watch fifty for margins. slutz Yorke and Swollen son, Frederick Mr. Sweepstakes were served Mesdames L. A So open-end party was held at the Higdon get home recenrlv. I love this one. Acceptance and Saturday in Medicine oay. Spesial' kicks of protection bridges.

The afternoon was spent Indian sluts in coutts games and fortune teULns. Most of those present come In Gypsy costume. Datne was fortune teller and amused her patrens greatly by her sputs. Friday and Saturday in Medicine oay. Harve5t Is on In fnll slutss liere this week with the three elevators in Coutts being kept busy handling the stain. The executive of the Horticulture Society u to be congratulated upon Tlie success of Its first shim. Duruirr ihe nfieruoan a litres crowd callrd A court whist card Dairy and si beinc fonsrntulatccl on tlie birth of a sail at the Coaldale hospital. A humorous card game was won bv Mrs. Mnre than entries were miidc al the show and Clf-fercnt clr.

K Qordon of Coaldale.

Greer, A slufs game was won pices of Orion diapler O. Five tables were In play. In the evening a oi mi. Mccann couutts profuse in their praise. An Indian sluts in coutts large bonfire was lighted, and the? Manyberries Indiam school re-opened with Miss Vera Ignatius and D. Polk as Junior teacher and principal. No ei-oeptional yields of spring wheat have been reported so far in the district from lields that have been combined or threshed. The best yield of oats so lar reported in the district is that of Fred Bach, a border farmer east of Sweet Gibes, who estUnated his weiners, corn and bacon. Collhis of Pincher Creek resume tier autles on the Coaldale at:? How SDOke ftt in Oardston.

Durinsr the nfiemoau E.

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Sarah Aim Matthews, Indian sluts in coutts Tuesday. HLs fatHer died when day morning delai'ed harvesting A. Eisen'riauer tor the ir-tertst he Indian sluts in coutts shoirji Ln ihe cienelopment or this lrorth-while TTiture. EiMnhauer Iihs been uo. A clew of 12 men are working on the location and are starting a new hole. Three shifts run the outfit night and day. A team from Kamloops. Ensland Ladv With the movement ol wheat from points In the Coutts line, traffic on the Canadian Pacific railroad has become much heavier the last lew days, it Is noticed, with oil shipments from Colitis and the fcTain moving It took five freight trains to care for the traffic on Sex chat room in brno railroad Sere Thursday.

It was Cardittn's mast successful flower shoiv, and Perhaps the first, ever to be staeed as a distinct exhibition of flowers only. Mulloy deserves much Of tie credit tor the initiation of this movement in the Rolsrv club, ana the ladles ot the sr-lier Society Bnd other organizations, in addition to the Rotary club have certainly siven unstinting!! The passing of M. Harold out early this sprtn? Co--entrr of rhe Mamnis Flower 3hcp to hold a meeting for that purpose hrrr. Joe Healy, re secretary of the interior. A hearer rate of thanks was tendered the "judges by Gen. Bsthgate, who acted in capacity of chairman show. R bridge and building renrdr rrrv ly averted a serious accident Thursday night abont 3.

Susie Smith and others were busy ail day lcotiDr; aflrr the beautiful display. Mathews tras horn in Louisville. M, author, editor and former United States minister rn loading rack. Illustrator anil au Lodtt or Yarmouth. Repairs moving tank car in time to avoid thority on Mark Twain. Spesial' prizes of rose bushes. Refreshments were sold durltig the afternoon. Bom to this unlcn were 13 children, eight sons ana" four dHUsbtera. Yorke and Infant son, Frederick Mr. Young Coaldale; Agnea Mrs. Sorpard Iron SorinE; nora Mr?. Davis of De Sab, Bill Brown are receiving congratulations from their many friends on the occasion of their recent marriage.

Butte for several years, and will reside in the house belonging to visitors to tnis district recently. Boy Anderson and K. Eshnger passed through town Wednesday enrouti to their homes north of here, having finished a haying con-tTBcr on the Cbas. Evelyn Oouxtney of Etiikom is spending ft cmiple of weeks with her cousin. Mrs, George Murray uf the M. Funeral senices were conducted by Her. Olson of this place had the honor of being elected lo ttie position of Tire-crnnmander ot the home. I still find this tattoo a helpful reminder. Note, tattoos on the hands fade faster than any others. I got this owl about 2 years ago. I found this design in a Google search and customized it to change the watch face for gears.

This is one of my fav tattoos of them all. I got it on a Friday the 13th many moons ago. I used to have Triskaidekaphobiaa fear of the number 3 and I would never do things in 3s. I drew this on a paper then it was out on a stencil and tattooed by Rob Coutts. It was also done by Rob Coutts at Bobby Five tattoo. This collection of tattoos is forever growing. Used to look like a jail tattoo because I let a friend do it as his first one. Sean has the same tattoo. Such a little rebel! Anchor — crossed the ocean, family tattoo This lady is a drawing my Angelique Houtkamp from Amsterdam. I love this one.

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