Girl Singing In Ramat Gan

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Back when you were dressing as a chasid, were you concerned people focused more on your Girl singing in ramat gan outlook than on your music? When I started, my focus was completely on just myself. I was coming right out of yeshivah and studying Tanya on the plane to L. How has your music changed as your religious observance has changed? When you were more observant, religious Jews looked at you as somewhat of an icon. My music has connected to people going through all different types of things. I think there are people who have been boxed in or thought they were trapped in something — religion or some other aspect of their life — and my Akeda album was about breaking out.

It seems like people connected to that in a big way. Do you consider yourself a Jewish leader? Is that your theology coming through? Is that a song about the messianic hope? Well, at the time, yeah.

Horny Rihanna romps in Ramat Gan

The idea of [singing about] prayer [as] an anthem for peace for the world and having it backed by GGirl religion — because there is that messianic concept in Judaism and certainly in the circles I ran in — that was a big deal. What do you love about coming to Detroit, a city that like Matisyahu, has been on a transformative journey lately? Every hour on the hour, I would play music at the Volkswagen display. Do any of your four kids have your musical talents?

My oldest son [age 12] has a strong voice and he loves recording stuff. All my kids love music though. More than anything, it proved Madge's unerring ability to Girl singing in ramat gan on a concert that holds the attention of everyone present and proves she is still relevant as a show-stopper, agent provocateur and enduring cultural Girl singing in ramat gan. The icon herself was the centre of a performance that was as high-octane as it was provocative: A hot summer's night in Israel got hotter when Madge -- her backside so tight I could slide a credit card through it -- and the cheerleaders arrived during Give Me All Your Loving and danced breathlessly for 10 minutes.

There was definite echoes of an X-rated Glee here. Elsewhere, Madonna was hardcore -- above her head, images relating to death and horrors past and present flashed up on the giant screen. This was a huge production more on a par with a movie set of David O Selznick than a mere concert stage -- dozens of dancers and backdrops that were jaw-dropping in their size were standard-issue as Madonna showed her star quality with a virtuoso performance that defied the critics who say she's over the hill at No one says that George Michael, Madonna's contemporary, should throw in the men-only sauna towel, to quote Julie Burchill, adding the misogyny that in popular culture women performers are expected to become invisible as soon as they can hold a pencil under their breasts.

Not that Madonna appears to give a damn what people think of her. She was the talk of Tel Aviv. Madge arrived in Israel on May 25, accompanied by her four children and a strong entourage. The Israeli and world media were camped permanently outside her beachfront hotel in Tel Aviv hoping to get a glimpse of the star. I went on Thursday afternoon but no sign. She apparently spent last weekend alternating between visiting holy sites and attending classes on Shavuot at the Kabbalah Centre in Tel Aviv. The show itself started with a huge religious spectacle.

Monks in red hoods and robes opened the night by swinging a giant bell that dropped from the top of the giant stage. For whom the bell tolls is soon evident when the postmodern goddess emerges with six homoerotic dancers in monk outfits that soon fall off to reveal their bulging, polished torsos. Madonna sings Girl Gone Bad and the crowd go mad. The monks stand around ominously. A huge foot cross comes looming out of the fog as Madonna sings Papa Don't Preach.

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