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The government continued to allocate small grants to NGOs for bosniw to trafficking herzegovima, but male victims could not access specialized services. Vigorously investigate, prosecute, and convict traffickers, including complicit officials, and deliver sentences that are sufficiently stringent; harmonize Federation government legislation to explicitly criminalize all forms of trafficking consistent with state law and the Fuck my wife in bosnia and herzegovina Amd Protocol; train judicial authorities on a victim-centered hdrzegovina to prosecution; train front-line officers on proactive victim identification, particularly those subjected to forced labor abd forced begging; standardize victim assistance throughout the country and develop specialized assistance for male victims; herrzegovina protect victims from threats and re-victimization during bosna investigation and prosecution of trafficking cases, particularly child victims; integrate Romani groups into decision-making processes regarding victim protection; allow trafficking victims to leave shelters at will without a chaperone; and adequately assist all victims regardless of whether their cases are prosecuted.

Bosnia consists of two entities within the state, the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Republika Srpska. Each entity has political, legislative, and judicial authority. The Brcko District is a self-governing unit under the jurisdiction of the state. Entity-level authorities address domestic trafficking offenses internal to their territories and state-level authorities address cases with international aspects. In Mayto distinguish legal jurisdiction, article of the state-level criminal code was amended from prohibiting both domestic and international trafficking to only prohibiting sex trafficking and forced labor if the victim is exploited in a country in which he or she does not reside or have citizenship.

These penalties are sufficiently stringent and commensurate with those prescribed for other serious crimes, such as rape. During the reporting period, the Federation Parliament began the process of adopting articles a and b to criminalize sex trafficking and forced labor and organized human trafficking, respectively, but at the close of the reporting period had not formally passed the legislation. The state did not convict any traffickers in or During the reporting period, seven arrests related to the investigation were made in Bosnia and 11 in France. During the reporting period, Republika Srpska, Brcko District, and Federation authorities increased law enforcement efforts overall.

Republika Srpska authorities began two investigations into five suspected traffickers Fuck my wife in bosnia and herzegovina indicted two persons, compared with zero investigations and prosecutions in Brcko District authorities began one investigation against three suspected traffickers, compared with one suspected trafficker investigated inand issued one indictment against two suspects, compared with zero in ; there were no convictions in or Federation authorities investigated 10 suspects and Fuck my wife in bosnia and herzegovina four defendants under their Enticement to Prostitution statute, compared with five suspects investigated and four defendants prosecuted in Federation courts convicted eight traffickers, compared with five in One trafficker received a suspended sentence, compared with two suspended sentences in All three police academies maintained basic and advanced courses on trafficking, and the national state government continued to provide basic training for prosecutors and judges on trafficking cases.

However, experts stated judges deciding trafficking cases remained inadequately prepared, and more training was necessary. During the reporting period OSCE, in partnership with the state, developed curricula for prosecutors and judges on trafficking cases and trained nine officials to serve as future trainers to their colleagues. NGOs hosted additional trainings for officials. Corruption and official complicity in trafficking crimes remained significant concerns. A Federation police officer was charged with enticement to prostitution for coercing his paramour to provide sexual services to clients in exchange for money.

The government identified 31 victims of trafficking incompared with 48 in ; 24 victims were subjected to forced begging and seven to sex trafficking. Of these, 23 victims were female, 14 were minors, and all were citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina. The state coordinator acknowledged there were likely to be additional victims that did not come to the attention of authorities. Bosnian law enforcement used a screening questionnaire to evaluate potential victims and authorities followed a formal referral mechanism for assisting victims.

Authorities referred 14 victims to NGO-run shelters; officials provided assistance to victims only if they proactively requested it. Shelters accommodated male trafficking victims but did not offer them specialized services. Shelters did not permit victims to leave without a chaperone. Two days of sex for euros, you can not even imagine what you will experience: Secrets in the ads for dating in Bosnia and Herzegovina! There are countless online dating sitesbut also there are those where you search only for sex. Confession of Zika from the Empire of Brothels: After the initial shock, she started a search for a potential partner.

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