Dating Sites Based On Credit Score

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It wasn't until her date disclosed his score that Lauren realized great credit represented more to her than preferred mortgage rates. The idea that sitrs scores are an indicator of how well someone handles commitment and honors agreements led to the creation of the online dating xites CreditScoreDating. Following the financial crisis, Dating sites based on credit score site experienced a surge in membership and a decline in the average age of members. Of the 15, members using the online dating portal, a "significant percentage" are pn their 20s and 30s.

A taboo topic The problem: Not everyone is willing to share their score. A third of respondents to the myFICO survey admitted they were reluctant to share their scores with a significant other; just over half of the singles surveyed would tell a significant other their score. Discussing debt remains a huge tabooas big or bigger than talking about religion, politics or your sex life. I understand that it's an important issue but I don't think it should be a top dating criteria You could be shutting out someone who might otherwise be a perfect match Liz Weston Personal finance expert While talking about credit scores on a first date seems "a little weird" to personal finance expert Liz Weston, she believes couples need to talk about their finances, including the all-important three digit number, before getting serious.

You could be shutting out someone who might otherwise be a perfect match," says Weston, author of "Deal with Your Debt: Free Yourself from What You Owe.

Dating Site Matches Users By Credit Score

Inher lofty credit score of plunged after a combination of unexpected medical Datong and divorce led her to declare bankruptcy. Living with a less-than-perfect credit siets paled in comparison to telling a new suitor about vredit troubles. Would crediy ask for a date's credit score? No, that's none of my business. No, but I'd be dying to know. Yes, it would help us understand each other. She suggests, though, that millennials may be changing things up and moving toward greater transparency. For one thing, this study also indicated that millennials are more likely than other age groups to ask to split the bill on a first date, and to discuss financial topics via text and online chat.

That means they want the nitty-gritty details of what mashing their lives together might mean — before they make an emotional or legal commitment. Advertisement "On these profiles, you see people standing in front of their fancy car or talking about their fancy vacation. That says who you are, but it doesn't say where you've been and it doesn't say where you're going," Dr.

Because singles think that people who handle their money properly are also trustworthy, smart, responsible, it's a genuine signal of your mate value. Credit agencies often get things wrong, and sometimes as simple as an administrative error can have detrimental effects. So, if you're worried about how tacky it would look share your impressive credit score on your dating profile, or being judged for hiding yours if it needs some workFisher says the caveat to everyone's concerns about financial compatibility is that most people are still invested in determining compatibility along other lines.

What are you looking for in a partner? Someone I can trust and confide in, someone who gives me enough time, and makes me laugh, and someone I find physically attractive," she says. There's a right time for everything.

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