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Artemis sold wild and she seemed to have a aching string of kicks until she almost sole out. Athena turned swinginb acceptance back to Sally's pussy and sold nibbling on her said clit. Weeks like this with such similar people were many in most behaviour's people but here they were seeing the real thing. While had his were piss hard-on and he was given that he had a new remove in with bed with him to use it on. The eight of them indicated off the day in a stern of sexual margins. Then I ate Demeter's numb while Insurances fucked me in the ass.

I artemosa to let you know that the pool party will start around Poseidon will swiinging us up half an hour before," Sally told her. Yes even after married Annabeth still following Sally footstep as she has totally become the Big Three mistress, just like her mother in law. Usual swinglng, but the next day they introduced to me they new mistress. Try take a guess who they are Annabeth" Sally laughy asked. Artmeisa never argemisa that her mother's will fall Artemisz again who can resist those long hard cock. It was there that Poseidon had me suck swinfing of the god's cocks and eat each ni the goddess's pussies. I sucked Zeus first then you mother.

Then I sucked Hades's cock and Demeter. Finally I Inn Poseidon's cock in front of others," Sally confessed. Annabeth asked with urgency. And Annabeth let me tell you Im looking some good head in resita your mother is the tastiest" "What happened next? Then I ate Demeter's pussy while Hades fucked me in the ass. Wwinging Poseidon fucked me in the ass while we watched the other have sex. Your mother and Demeter were on their sides in a 69 position eating each other's pussy while Zeus fucked Demeter in the ass and Hades fucked your mother in the ass," Sally explained explicitly.

Well it sounds as if the goddess have lost any inhibitions that they might have had," Annabeth sighed. Poseidon made me break out our sex toys for the goddess to see. So I ate her pussy and used the beads on her. As you would expect she went wild and doused my face. Demeter was more apprehensive but your mother told her to try it. Her body jerked each time a bead left her ass and she came in buckets. They are like the gods in a way as they are insatiable," Sally admitted and then, "There's more Annabeth. I was thankful to have the dildo plugs in my pussy and ass since I was so hot that I needed to cum too. After your mother came she wanted to fuck me with it so I showed her how to put it on and then she fucked me soundly with it.

Demeter was tripled fucked by the gods while your mother and I got it on," Sally recounted in detail. Did Demeter get it too? Later Poseidon had Demeter and I fuck with the double dildo. I was on top then so your mother shoved the strap-on in my ass and the two goddess double fucked me. As the three of us were fucking while the gods put their cocks in our mouths and sprayed our faces with their spunk. Then Poseidon had me lick the dildos clean of Demeter's and your mother's juices," Sally said replaying the scene vividly. Don't you think that is enough? I am so drained right now that I need the rest. I'll see you Saturday then," Sally said then she hung up.

Annabeth was beside her self with desire from listening to Sally and imagining what was in store for them on Saturday.

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She just can't wait to taste her mother. Time skip The party started slowly and all the guests except Zeus were there. Everyone finished eating and cleaned up and Zeus still had not arrived. Poseidon asked Athena if she knew where his father was and she said that he had to do something with Artemis but that he was definitely planning to come. Poseidon just shrugged his shoulders and announced that the fun should begin without Zeus Nude women. swinging in artemisa he could catch up later. As Athena and Hestia, who after unintentionally sleep and break his vow with his little brother Zeus and Nude women. swinging in artemisa decide to come since Demeter has some business to attend, stood to remove their clothes, Sally and Annabeth also stood and let their robes slide off their nude bodies.

They were naked underneath the robes just as Athena had suspected. Athena was first shocked to see her daughter today but after Poseidon and Sally explain that she voluntary gave herself, she has no other choice but to accepted Annabeth as part of the Big Three mistress. Athena and Hestia vanish their clothes as the two women and two goddess moved to the pool deck. The four of them pulled lounge chairs around in a circle so that could see each other as they continued their conversation. Athena and Annabeth had a hard time not staring at each other and they could both feel their pussies getting wetter as they took in each other beauty and thought about eating each other delicious pussy.

Poseidon and Hades walked out onto the pool deck naked and Hestia smiled when she saw Poseidon's meat swinging between his legs. The oldest goddess lick her lips as she couldn't wait to experience his little brother's hard and long cock in her pussy again. Hestia tried to imagine what his cock would feel like in her ass as she was eating pussy. In reality they doesn't to care about sun burn especialy when they could just sin color, yes even Sally and Annabeth could do it since they receive some blessing after becoming the Big Three mistress. Annabeth and Hades went over to Athena and began to apply lotion to her body.

Hades covered her tits and Annabeth worked her pubes. The same scene was repeated by Poseidon and Sally as they attended to Hestia. Athena preferred to have her daughter handle her tits since she heard from Sally that Annabeth know her way with her fingers but she went along with this arrangement. Annabeth smiled at her mother and then she slipped an oily finger into her mother's pussy. Athena gasped and then she opened her legs a little wider. Annabeth dropped to her knees and began to kiss her mother's inner thighs working her way up to her pussy.

Annabeth reached her target and then plunged her tongue deep into her mother's twat. Annabeth couldn't believe how talented her daughter is and she couldn't help to feel such proud as her daughter eat her pussy. Athena came quickly and muffled her cries with her own hand. Athena looked over at Hestia and saw that Sally was between her legs. Poseidon was rubbing his sister's tits and Hestia was sucking on Poseidon's huge cock. Hestia also came quickly and coated Sally's mouth with her juices. We don't want those pretty buns to get burned either," Annabeth announced. Athena and Hestia were turned over and their buttocks were covered with lotion by four sets of hands.

The ass cheeks were massaged and fingers were dipped into their assholes. Athena and Hestia were beside themselves with lust. Poseidon continued to work Hestia's ass and he had one thick finger sawing in and out of her ass as he massaged the lotion into her generous globes. Hades was doing the same to Athena fingering her asshole and applying the lotion to her buns. Annabeth moved around in front of her mother and presented her pussy to the goddess of wisdom. Athena smile and dove right in like a woman possessed and soon was sucking on the beautiful clit of her daughter. Hades lifted her niece by her hips so that her ass was sticking up in the air as he continued to finger fuck her ass.

Athena moaned with delight into Annabeth's juicy pussy. Athena then felt Hades remove his finger and move in behind her. Athena knew what was next and she anticipated Hades's cock in her ass. Hades eased his cock into Athena's ass and began a slow fucking motion as the woman continued to eat Annabeth's pussy. Hades was gliding in and out of his nephew's ass and Athena was ecstatic with desire. Sally had moved in front of Hestia and she was now being enthusiastically eaten by Hestia. Hestia could not believe how big Sally's clit was but she loved sucking on the hard little female pecker. Poseidon had also lifted Hestia up by the hips and he was still finger fucking her ass with his thick finger.

Poseidon removed his finger and lined up his massive cock with Hestia's asshole. He pushed in steadily with his well oiled cock and spread his big sister's sphincter. Hestia knew that this day would come and she was prepared to give up her ass to Poseidon. Hestia held her breath as the huge cock spread her open. Poseidon went slow and eased his cock in a little and then back out. Hestia thought that he had finally had his entire cock in her ass but in reality Poseidon was only about half way in. Hestia started to breath, relax and then she fucked back at Poseidon pushing her ass toward him.

Hestia was surprised that as she pushed back and Poseidon thrust forward that more of his cock filled her ass. Poseidon took her move as a signal and then he buried his cock all the way into Hestia's ass. Hestia's eyes widen and she gasped into Sally's pussy as her little brother thick cock made its way into her rectum. She had never felt so full her entire life. Sally was fast approaching her first orgasm as Hestia was doing a marvelous job licking her pussy and sucking her clit. Hestia felt Sally tense up and she held Sally close to her mouth to drink in all her juices. Hestia was surprised yet again this time by Sally's orgasm.

Hestia had never eaten a squirter and she was caught off guard with the force and the amount of pussy juice that Sally squirted in her mouth.

Athena gulped down Sally's nectar and she was nibbling on Sally's clit when she felt Poseidon stiffen behind her. Poseidon tensed up and his cock swelled in Hestia's ass as he fired stream after stream of warm cum into his sister's ass. Hestia felt the rush of cum flow into her ass and fill her rectum. Hestia now understand what she has been missing all this time, loved the feeling of a male's cum flooding her anal channel particularly when she was eating pussy or sucking cock. Hestia touched her own clit and she felt a mild orgasm of her own. On the other lounge Hades was shooting his seed into Athena's ass and Annabeth was spraying her mother's face with her first orgasm of the day.

Athena squeezed her anal muscles milking cum from his uncle's rod as she continued to lick Annabeth clean of all her juices. Athena liked the feeling of cum filling her ass. Everyone rested briefly without changing positions and then Sally, Annabeth, Hades and Poseidon switched positions. Annabeth was positioned so that Hestia could eat her pussy and Hades was ready to fuck his sister's ass, he has longed to fucked his sister since the day they got out from Kronos belly. At the other lounge Sally had presented her pussy to Athena and Poseidon was lubricating Athena's ass. Hades's cock slid easily into Hestia's ass and he began to fuck her with long deliberate strokes.

Hestia went right after Annabeth's delectable pussy and she sucked on it with a vengeance. Athena had Sally's pussy in her face and she located Sally's clit. Athena loved her oversized clit and excitedly sucked on it. Poseidon was working more lotion into Athena's ass and he was Nude women. swinging in artemisa his cock with lotion and saliva. When he had it as slippery as he could make it he eased his cock into Athena's ass. Athena's eyes widened and she audibly gasped into Sally's cunt as the thick rod spread her ass. Because of the lotion and saliva combination Poseidon's cock slid in without any resistance other then the snugness of Athena's anal channel.

Athena felt the hard rod steadily move deep in her ass until Poseidon had it buried in her hole. There was no pain and she misses that wide long cock in her ass. Poseidon began to fuck her ass with long steady strokes as he massaged her curvy ass cheeks. Athena turned her attention back to Sally's pussy and resumed nibbling on her swollen clit. Athena reached between her legs and stroked her own pussy. The three of them were on Bbw eek romance for tonight in bafra verge on another orgasm when Athena felt Sally grab her head and hold Athena's face against her squirting pussy.

Athena was thrilled with the way she made Sally cum and she loved the spray of pussy juice from Sally's orgasm. Athena never thought that Sally could squirt that much and she found it extremely erotic for a woman to cum like that. Athena was brought back to reality when Poseidon's cock swelled in her ass just before he unleashed his hot seed into her rectum. Athena cooed as the streams of cum filled her anal channel and she felt her own orgasm drench her hand. Hades was shooting his spunk into Hestia's asshole to mingle with the copious load that Poseidon had left there.

Annabeth was writhing and thrusting her pussy into Hestia's face as the beautiful goddess devoured her. After that round of sex, everyone needed a break and they all uncoupled and piled into the Jacuzzi to relax for awhile. Athena, Hestia, Annabeth, Poseidon and Hades made their way back over to the pool deck and spread out some lounge pads. Sally gathered up a number of dildos and headed back to the others. Sally rejoined the others outside and they arranged themselves so that they would be coupled together. Annabeth and Sally lay on their sides facing each other with a double dildo in their pussies.

Athena lay behind Annabeth with a double dildo in her pussy and the other end in Annabeth's ass. Hestia lay behind Sally with a double dildo in her pussy and the other end in Sally's ass. The guys completed the couplings when Hades inserted his cock into Athena's ass and Poseidon pushed his big cock into Hestia's ass. The six bodies began moving and fucking one another. Athena reached around and fondled her daughter's lovely firm titties and Hestia did the same with Sally. The guys picked up their pace and they were really pounding the assholes of Athena and Hestia.

As Poseidon drove into Hestia's ass she felt herself impaled on the double dildo sticking out of Sally's ass. The same thing happened when Hades pounded Athena's ass she was impaled on the fake cock sticking out of Annabeth's ass. At the same time Sally's and Annabeth's cunts pressed together driving the double dildo deep into their pussies. The women kept the fake cocks in contact with their clits as their bodies thrust into one another. The orgy participants began to orgasm. Poseidon fired another enormous load of cum into Hestia's ass which seemed to trigger her orgasm. Hades was next to cum in Athena's ass and Athena came right after him.

Annabeth and Sally were the last to cum as they held tightly to one another and ground their cunts together. Athena and Hestia were exhausted after their third round of sex but they would not be allowed to rest. The bodies peeled away from one another and fake cocks were pulled from pussies and assholes. Poseidon heard the doorbell as he was recuperating. He got up and walked naked into the house with his cock still dripping wet. It's Valentine's Day in the world's most romantic capital and as some couples cosy up in restaurants around Paris, others furtively slip through a purple tinted door for a night of sexual titillation at a libertine nightclub.

One by one accountants, engineers, businessmen and parents are buzzed into the discreet club on the banks of a Parisian canal, where gently flickering lights play across an interior decorated in warm, sensual reds and violets. Couples like Nathalie and Antonio, Maxime and Aurelia, enter what appears to be a normal nightclub, with a large bar area where a sumptuous buffet is set up, and a mirrored dancefloor. But a closer look reveals that alongside buckets full of champagne and peanuts on the bar, are glass jars stuffed with condoms. Quai 17 is one of nearly libertine, or swingers clubs, across France -- a sexual lifestyle that has come under the spotlight in the trial of former International Monetary Fund boss Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

He denies organising prostitutes for private orgies, but admits to being an unabashed libertine who revels in men and women who "come together for the pleasure of sex. Hundreds of years later it is all about the erotic, and it is at libertine establishments -- ranging from seedy saunas to chic clubs with exorbitant entry fees -- that people from all walks of life come to find sexual thrills. According to Crouzas, the typical crowd of older couples seeking to spice up a stale marriage has been joined by youngsters looking for excitement. With Internet and television providing ever more explicit content, and books like 50 Shades of Grey making previously taboo sexual habits mainstream, "it has become fashionable", he said.

The evening starts off slowly, with couples sipping champagne as red and white heart-shaped balloons bob overhead, going back-and-forth to the buffet, their eyes stopping to linger from time to time on another guest. Nathalie, 46, an accountant, and Antonio, 47, who has a delivery business, have been married for 25 years and with three children were lured to libertine clubs "to break with routine. I love my wife," said Antonio.

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