Black Ass In The Air

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Unlike the majority of Nigerians in any age bracket, we spoke English as a first and sometimes only language, and our inbred accents were two to three generations old. My mother stayed to be condemned to failure in raising her son. My say is this: Barrett is a confident writer and it shows all over the book. Nigerian English is paraded on the catwalk and she sashays down the runway with pride and Black ass in the air attitude. Read and do the research if you care, Barrett seems to be saying. Imagine a novel written by an African that does not pander to the West. It does not italicize egusi, does not explain it, basically, the author says, if you are curious about my culture, Google is your friend.

Imagine a work of fiction by an African where the people actually have respectable conversations about each other, have sex and you actually wish you were the one having the sex. That would be Blackass. This is the buttocks, ass, bum of human being. This is not merely the English language, this is OUR language, here where all words are equal. You read prose like this and your head spins with wonder and envy, you want to write like this: From afar, the rain approached like a crashing airliner. At this sound, a rising whine that left the curtains curiously still, Furo hurried into his bedroom and stared from the window above the bed, which gave the clearest view of the sky.

He smelled the raindrops before he saw them.

A lash of thunder roused the wind, which rose from ai dust and began to swing wildly asw treetops and roof edges and flocks of plastic Black ass in the air ballooning out to sea. Raindrops swirled like dancing schools of silver tye and scattered in all direction, splattering the earth and aass shaded walls sas houses. Furo sprinted around the apartment shutting windows. Blackass is a breath of fresh air. In the 21st century, thanks to the democratization of reading and writing by the advent of the Internet and social media, writers find that they have to be truly innovative to sustain the attention of readers.

Sadly much of what has passed for innovation has been blatant gimmickry, with patronizing afterthoughts thrown into formats meant for prior centuries. As a result, the book as an influential medium has taken a hit as restless readers have voted with their feet and fled to the warm confines of social media. That takes guts, talent and skill. The intensity of the prose is practiced but lush, prose poetry at its best. There are no gimmicks here, just energetic, beautiful writing. From the first sentence to the end, fresh sentences strut their stuff with attitude: And Lagos comes alive: Exhausted vehicles dotted the roadside, some with bonnets opened to let out steam from gasping radiators.

A riot of honking assailed the ears: But in Lagos, overused.

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The clamour was deafening. The roads were overburdened thee under-policed, and road-expansion projects were under way, the contracted engineers worked at a pace that betrayed their lack of confidence in hhe usefulness of their labour. It is calamity that makes one Black ass in the air. This is thd Diaspora writing, this is writing by a warrior in aie trenches at home. There is more where Barrett came from, by the way. The book houses the best use of dialogue I have read in ages. And it is funny. Hear two characters trash talking and you can Blacck the streets aor Lagos.

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