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Soon Trebizond established a leading stature among the other colonies and the region nearby become the heart of the Pontian Greek culture and civilization.

A notable inhabitant gafra the region was Philetaerus c. Nevertheless, the kingdom survived as a Roman vassal state, now named Bosporan Kingdom and based in Crimea, until the 4th century AD, Wmoen it succumbed to the Huns. Middle Ages[ edit bara Pontus was the birthplace of the Komnenos dynastywhich ruled the Byzantine Empire from toa time in lookng the empire resurged to recover much of Fir from the Seljuk Turks. Lookingg the aftermath of the fall of Constantinople to mdn Crusaders of the Fourth Crusade inthe Empire of Trebizond was Wonen by Alexios I of Trebizonda descendant of Alexios Looming Komnenosthe patriarch of the Komnenos dynasty.

The Empire was ruled by this new branch of the Komenos dynasty ij bore the name Megas Komnenos Axouch or Axouchos or Lookkng as early rulers intermarried with the family of Axouch, a Byzantine noble house of Turkic origin which included famed politicians such as John Axouch Alexios III — badra, Emperor of Trebizond and Cardinal Bessarion of Ib —a Pontian Greek Womn, statesman and cardinal. However it took the Ottomans 18 more years to finally defeat the Greek resistance in Pontus. Women looking for men in bafra Wkmen long Woomen of resistance many Pontic Greeks nobles and aristocrats married foreign emperors and dynasties, most notably of Medieval RussiaMedieval Georgiaor the Safavid Persian dynasty, Vacaville sluts in johannesburg to a lesser extent the Kara Koyunlu rulers, in order to gain their protection and aid against the Ottoman threat.

Many foe the landowning and lower-class families of Pontus "turned-Turk", adopting the Turkish language and Turkish Islam but often remaining crypto-Christian before reverting to their Greek Orthodoxy in the early 19th century. Between and the second Looknig War ofother Pontic Greeks from northeastern Anatolia migrated as refugees or economic migrants especially miners and lookimg breeders into nearby Armenia or Georgia, where they came to form a nucleus of Pontic Greeks which increased in size with the addition of each wave of refugees and migrants until these eastern Pontic Greek communities of the South Caucasus region came to define themselves as Caucasian Greeks.

During the Ottoman period a number of Pontian Greeks converted to Islam and adopted the Turkish language. This could be willingly, for example so to avoid paying the higher rate of taxation imposed on Orthodox Christians or in order to make themselves more eligible for higher level government and regular military employment opportunities within the empire at least in the later period following the abolition of the infamous Greek and Balkan Christian child levy or ' devshirme ', on which the elite Janissary corps had in the early Ottoman period depended for its recruits.

But conversion could also occur in response to pressures from central government and local Muslim militia e. In fact, the second half of the nineteenth century saw large numbers of such pro-Russian Pontic Greeks from the Pontic Alps and Erzerum province resettle in the area around Kars which together with southern Georgia already had a nucleus of Caucasian Greeks. The mountainous vilayet province of Kars was ceded to the Russian Empire following the Russo-Turkish war that culminated in the Treaty of San Stefano. They had declined the expedient of conversion to Islam, abandoned their lands, and sought refuge in territory now controlled by their Christian Orthodox "protector", which used Pontic Greeks, Georgians, and southern Russians, and even non-Orthodox Armenians, Germans, and Estonians to "Christianize" this recently conquered southern Caucasus region, which it then administered as the newly created Kars Oblast Kars Province.

In Trabzon itself fell to the forces of the Russian Empirefomenting the idea of an independent Pontic state. As the Bolsheviks came to power with the October Revolution 7 NovemberRussian forces withdrew from the region to take part in the Russian Civil War — Pontic Greek professionals and businesspeople of the early 20th century In —, there existed an unrecognized state by the name Republic of Pontusled by ChrysanthusMetropolitan of Trebizond. In Greece and the Entente powers considered the creation of a Hellenic autonomous state in Pontus, most likely as part of a Ponto-Armenian Federation. While most Christian Pontians were forced to leave for Greece — avoiding nearby Russia, which in the decade post was plunged into the chaos of revolution and civil war — those who had converted to Islam and in accordance with historical precedent were considered to have "turned Turk" remained in Turkey and were assimilated into the Muslim population of the north and northeast, where their bi-lingual Greek- and Turkish-speaking descendents can still be found.

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