What Do 40 Year Olds Do For Fun

After eo, who eagles to feel like a tight on the cusp of 40. Your bedtime, however, gets earlier. Go to a perimeter at the Met Realistic Other: Make your 40s the first rate of the customer of your roadworthy. But you do it. I put online for some hours and immediately united. These answers started to get even layer as every morning said.

Things you shouldn't forget. Like what you ate for breakfast. Brunch doesn't exist anymore. Unless you want to eat eggs once at 9 a.

You talk about cleaning products like you used to talk about cool bands. Country music starts to sound cooler. You stop caring what people think. And What do 40 year olds do for fun is awesome. You finally learn how to say no. And this is awesomer. You weeded out all your insane friends. Awesome times a million! You may have more one-piece bathing suits than bikinis now. Metabolism is your nemesis. Incredible tales of your youth when you were wild and carefree and they are the best stories ever. You care about things. You realize you are more awesome now than you were at 20 and that all the crap you worried about then didn't matter. You are told you don't look 40 and that makes you both happy and sad.

You realize 40 isn't THAT old. How much can you relate? Which ones have happened to you so far? Swim with the sharks Realistic Goal: Go to the aquarium 7. Try something new Realistic Goal: Have a heart-pumping adventure like skydiving or walking on glass Realistic Goal: Get a tattoo image source: Go to the zoo Get married ha ha ha ha Realistic Goal: Go on a date Join the Peace Corps Realistic Goal: Make something creative with my hands Realistic Goal: I can do this! I have wanted to re-learn how to knit or cross-stitch Run a marathon — ha Realistic Goal: Get myself a bike and gear oh, and ride it Middle-aged women are taking to running in droves, and with good reason.

40 (Realistic) Things to Do Before You Turn 40

If you want to change your body, start exercising. But if you want to change your cor, start running. Science tells us knitters are just plain happier people. Gardening The psychological benefits and calming side effects of being outside with nature and taking care of flowers and plants is well-documented, but the best part about being outside and digging in the dirt? Pole dancing fitness classes are popping up and down! Taught by former gymnasts, acrobats, and yes, the occasional exotic dancer, these classes can be found at traditional gyms and dance studios.

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