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You can pay online or cash, depending on your needs, Want to have some drinks in jurmala the food gets delivered. Jurmala is an amazing coast city and one that offers great opportunities. In Jurmala you can find just about any type of food you want. Order the best Jurmala food right now, online. Get the best food in Jurmala right now, only from online sources Jurmala is widely known as a Spa city and it was a very important resort before the s. In fact, the city is consisting out of a variety of smaller resorts that include Asari, Melluzi, Dubulti, Bulduri and Lielupe among many others.

The area that now creates the city was always a spa destination and many wealthy persons came here to relax and enjoy their time. People enjoy visiting Jurmala because not only is this a great location to enjoy your time, but it also features a variety of treatments that help people with health problems. These treatments include mineral springs, sandy beaches and pine aromas. Download our app and start ordering the desired food online, you will love the process and experience! Usually the most popular sushi types are the various types of Maki- from the simple Maki to the most sophisticated and exotic sushi Maki. Pizza delivery in Jurmala Everybody loves Pizza in Jurmala!

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Besides that, most of the pizzerias in Jurmala offer also salads, drinks and some snacks. Some pizza delivery restaurants in Jurmala offer several pizza sizes to choose from. Kebab delivery in Jurmala Kebab — originally from the Middle East — this food has become very popular around the world and it has many variations; from Donner Kebab, Shawarma or Gyros to kebab known as Shaslik, brochette or Souvlaki. Order your favorite kebab with delivery in Jurmala.

Choose between different Want to have some drinks in jurmala of kebabs! A description of the bike path from Riga to Jurmala. One of the most popular places in Latvia, after Riga and Sigulda is Jurmala, the beach resort town 30 km from Riga. Jurmala is an amalgamation of many small beachside villages that are located between the Gulf of Riga and the Lielupe River. Jurmala is famous for its wooden architecture, Want to have some drinks in jurmala spa resorts and of course the 33km of beautiful sandy beaches, which make it the most popular, summer destination for locals and tourists alike.

Sex games for ipod touch visitors choose to drive or take the train, a cheap and convenient half hour ride from the central train station. There is a well worn bike path that has seen better days, which follows alongside the railway line, running from the Old Town, all the way to the centre of Jurmala, known as Majori, and further. By following this path, you will pass over the Daugava River, through the old Pardaugava suburbs, where you will see some fantastic wooden houses and have the chance to visit the Martin Luther Church and old graveyard. After this you will carry on past the massive Soviet era lines of block apartments of Zolitude, through forests and open meadows and finally over the Lielupe River, to arrive in Jurmala.

Some of the highlights along the way include the island suburb or Kipsala, with its old and renovated wooden houses, the botanical gardens, a grave from WW1, commemorating a battle between the Latvian Riflemen and the Germans and the original wooden railway stations at each stop along the way. In fact the highlights on the ride itself make for a great journey with your final destination being the icing on the cake. Once you arrive it Jurmala, you can choose to ride along the quiet streets and marvel at the century — old wooden mansions, through the forest separating the houses from the beach or indeed along the beach itself.

Head to Majori if you want to eat or drink, or just relax with a picnic on the beach.

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