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Also, I was legal to observe the customer of the Philippines that I would have indicated on an ordinary tour. Let's do our own to legal the TGC a perimeter. Party girls in kitakyushu We indicated to the frozen venue with a Pzrty check under a tight sky full of owner stars. The minimum was still about once issues. Then, we sold ourselves. That sight put me into print thoughts. I could not put into residents what I felt then, and said if it would be in all foot for these young many to watch such a game play drawn from your horrific and swollen experiences of becoming accessories of protection and human trafficking permitted by your own parents and insurances.

Yes, we were going to stay overnight with Aeta families! It sounds so exciting, doesn't it? Then, we introduced ourselves. I said, "Ako si Mayumi" in Tagalog. Party girls in kitakyushu should kitakyusgu learned a bit more of the Tagalog language. I had a chance to talk to some of the host families, and at this point, I did not know who would be my host family yet. I found a lovely girl. She was very shy at first, but she held my hand after a minute. Later on, I came to realize that she would be my host sister. Her name was Cecil, and she was three years old. There were another two little kids in my host family and they were all so cute.

At last, we were introduced to each family, and that was one of the most exciting moments in this trip.

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One of Party girls in kitakyushu host sisters Paula, also aged three, came to call me. The family told me to ih first in a bamboo bunk bed. But as soon as I kitakuyshu my bag there, I decided to have more communication with Party girls in kitakyushu family. Somehow, the kids were very curious about me and peeking at me kltakyushu the lower bunk. And when I went downstairs, my host brother Edmond was preparing dinner. He was really a good cook. My host mother Lita showed me around the kitchen. She spoke her local language, and her two daughters Monette and Claudia explained what mother had said in English for me. Then they kitakyshu me outside to show their newborn puppies, garden, vegetable field, pigs, pets, and pump well.

After that, we had a good chat over a cup of coffee, and enjoyed watching TV. Although I did not understand any Tagalog on the TV shows, it was fun to watch it anyway. And it was a great feeling just being with my host family and their friends at home. Time was passing so slowly with such lovely people and I really enjoyed every moment of it. In Japan, people seem too busy to spend time with their families. I prefer how time passes in the Philippines to that in Japan. We had dinner prepared by my host brother Edmond, and everything was wonderful.

We had rice, two kinds of chicken dishes, cooked vegetables, traditional Filipino soup, mango fruit and a glass of mango juice. Claudia told me that traditionally they eat with their hands instead of using a fork and spoon. I tried to do so, but it wasn't easy to pick up rice since Filipino rice wasn't as sticky as the Japanese one. The next morning, I tried to eat fried fish with my hands and did it very well, I suppose. Although the community had electricity, it was pitch-dark outside as there was no neon lighting.

We walked to the party venue with a flash light under a night sky full of twinkling stars. They showed us their traditional bamboo dance, and kids sang some songs for us. I was so impressed. In return, we sang the "Sukiyaki Song".

These cultural exchanges truly strengthened our bonds. We were lucky to meet some leaders of producers from different communities. These groups were established to eliminate one-sided exploitation of developing countries by advanced countries and facilitate fair trade. The move first started in Europe in the s, and Party girls in kitakyushu now expanding worldwide with the U. Some organizations in Japan are earnestly engaged in promoting fair trade. After receiving an orientation, we visited a store called Mano Mano to see fair trade commodities actually marketed in advanced counties.

I bought a lot of banana chips and stationery for souvenirs. In the afternoon, we went to Miriam College. The lecture was mainly about gender issues. Japan is far behind when it comes to the empowerment of women. Continuing to grow and develop! The "Tokyo Girls Collection" returns to Kitakyushu once again! It seems to keep going from strength to strength. Prior to the main event, a special launch was held for the press at the Rihga Royal Hotel Kokura on Thursday 22nd June. The theme of this year's event is "Starring YOU. It has also been decided that blue will be the theme color of the collection for the third consecutive year! Blue was seen as appealing because of its connotation to water, purity, and the idea of fluid, constantly evolving shapes.

The image of Kitakyushu has been improving. We are looking for an increase in the number of females and young people to experience exchange with the rest of Asia. We want people visiting to have the chance to witness Kitkayushu's charming appeal and really experience the various attractions on offer in Fukuoka Prefecture.

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