Looking To Have Fun And Please Tonight In Gwangju

Gwanjgu check the acceptance has recently made this much more and complex apartment his tight. The performance was kicks and we were rewarded with cold, He offer us to a Korean restaurant and treated us to seller. Gwangju, Still 14th Jul 16, The Remove was split up a tight today.

Gwangju, Wednesday on Jul 16, Today was our day off. We had brunch at 10am and got ready for the day. Tamara came with Kaiser and treated us to Tim Tam slams which we readily agreed to. We headed into downtown Gwangju once again for last, last minute shopping. The rest of the Team finally arrived back at the Church 3 hours later and just chilled for a little bit.

We headed in to town again to have dinner. I did personally struggle trying to use tonlght fork again after so long but half way ib my meal I managed to get the hang of it again. We then left the Looking to have fun and please tonight in gwangju tonifht conveniently found a Baskin Robbins for desert. After desert it was home on the bus and an early night. Gwangju, Tuesday 15th Jul 16, Breakfast started at 7: Dishes were taken care of and the Team got ready Loooking the day. We all went pleaes for inn worship time once again making sure that we took advantage of this time to get our hearts right with God.

The end Looiing outreach is upon us and we gwanju Team members in a debriefing process that helps them download what they have learned during the outreach. David felt that this window in time would suit us best since our schedule for the few days we have left is filling up quickly. During this time David received a phone call from Saesoon Church informing us that they would like us to do a full performance for their elementary class kids. David cooked lunch, we ate and headed to town to do some last minute gift shopping for our loved ones at home. We spent a couple of hours in town and then headed back on the bus.

By this time Megan and her small team were back so we got ready for our performance for the elementary children. We had a good time none the less and headed back to have dinner that Megan and David prepared. We were on the bus at 5: Even though we were tired we had a blast. Fun and games with the kids was Gwangju, Monday 14th Jul 16, The Team was split up a little today. The rest of us got the opportunity to hike up Mudeung Mountain which is the highest mountain peak that looks right over the city of Gwangju. David and Curtis could only manage halfway but the rest of us were eager. It took us about 20 minutes to get to the top which had a two story lookout tower. It was a little hazy but that did not stop us from and awesome prayer time over the city of Gwangju and the nation of South Korea.

We also prayed over Pastor Ochul and DaeHyun. South Korea in the twenty plus years has sent more missionaries into world missions than any other nation.

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We also prayed for Godly families and their role in the Church, and that the Church would not bow to a religious spirit. We headed back down to Loo,ing David and Curtis were, got in ih respective vehicles and were taken back tonigt the church. That seemed to have gone well as Tto and the girls recounted their stories for us. For the rest of pelase it Friday, Saturday and Sunday Jul 14, As you can see I am behind on my updates which Yonight not unusual, we just got busy over the weekend, so I will attempt to review the last three days: Friday, July 11th Friday did Milf dating in changyon have pkease lot going schedule wise.

Gsangju breakfast, the Team headed down to the dining room for some worship and intercession. Tamara suggested that maybe we should do a gwagju walk at Chonnam University where our very own Dr. Lee in Montrose pleas. After the prayer walk the Team headed back to Saesoon Community Church changed into tonihgt shirts and denim shorts and headed to Central Park in downtown Gwangju. This performance was full of spirit as the Team seemed energized by their prayer walk. We caught some people returning home from work as well as a few families. A Deacon was there at the invitation of Grace and he invited us to have dinner with him this Thursday at the Central Church and a performance on Sunday.

Saturday, July 12th Saturday was mostly spent eating. After breakfast we changed into our blues and denims once again and headed to the museum. We met some missionaries from the US and they joined us for a snack time. Kim bap that was brought in by Tamara. Big shout to my alma mater, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, which gave me 4 of the best years of my life. Convenient space under the air conditioning unit! So this is a look into the spare room. I actually have a little coffee table and chairs, at which I really do sit most mornings, have my coffee, and catch up on the world. Conveniently enough and this is something that my other two apartments did not havethere is a clothes hanger built onto the ceiling—super efficient, space-saving, and it offers plenty of room to hang all my stuff up.

Plus, with it being so close to the windows that overlook the street, my clothes can just air dry overnight and be ready the next morning. Still in the spare room. This is a look toward the sink and stove. A closer look at the sink and such. Even the toiletries have made their way to the kitchen. I have a tendency to do that, too. No floor mats or anything, no carpets or rugs and such, but yet no sheets, blankets, etc. The orange juice and carton of eggs on the bed shows you where my priorities lie. Breakfast is more important than good sleep, people. Also, note the huge party foul Korean party foul, anyway of shoes on the floor inside the apartment.

Korea, a Confucian culture, prefers that, in the home, as well as in many workplaces, restaurants, and buildings both public and private, one must remove their shoes. I seldom adhere to this, and that makes me a bad person.

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