How Much Does Headstone Engraving Cost

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Ordering the grave marker or headstone is usually the final detail in burying a loved one. Some Hispanic and Jewish traditions call for an "unveiling" of a grave marker within a year, but otherwise there is no standard time for installing a grave marker, according to US-Funerals.

Most Hoe require a specific amount of time to pass before the headstone marker can be placed on the grave, to allow the dirt over the grave to settle. Shipping costs vary considerably depending on the size, weight and distance. Cemeteries typically charge for installation. The mufh will be unmarked until the monument is installed. Honorably discharged veterans of U. Some monument makers give a discount for monuments ordered How much does headstone engraving cost the slower winter months and installed in the spring or summer. It's best to have the cemetery approve the design in advance before ordering any sort of grave marker.

Most of our headstones include free engraved letters 80 for smaller cremation memorialsflower containers and fixing. Some people would rather choose a memorial vase as a way to honour their loved one. Design, materials and lettering costs Of course, memorials that feature additional details — such as carved elements — will be priced higher than simpler designs. Honed or shaped tops, bevelled or chiselled edges, scotia shoulders and a high polish will add to the cost, but will also add to the overall effect. The type of stone you want will also affect the total cost. We are often asked: There are several forms of engraving available: The more exotic stones will have to be shipped and taxed which will add to the overall cost.

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Competition will also contribute to the cost of the headstone. There are other granites that are available from many different quarries and Hoa are competing for business which will drive the price down. Then you have international economics where countries will flood the market place with their product thus lowering the cost i. The perceived value of a stone by the quarrier will also lend to its price. This means that if a company believes that its product, reputation or longevity adds to the value of their stone, the price will be higher.

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