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Nuwara Eliya - Little England.

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I tried to stop her and she hit me in the face. I have to go and find her. It was really intense. They want me to feel comfortable so they sit me in a chair in the living room. But then they all sit on the floor in front of me. Again, no one really seems to care or be bothered by this. Dad has the letter, he opens it, and then he just freezes. I look over his shoulder, and I see that the letter is addressed to Celine Dion, and her husband Rene.

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He really commits and Matara just sits there, and she nods and she smiles. My dad and I, we get this little holiday together. Unbeknownst to my matar, while we were away, I made a collect call to my mum. I begged her to book me a plane ticket. I wanted to go home. I wanted to come home. And my mum, being my mum, did. She booked me a flight home, and I flew home early. When I finally caught up with my dad, I tried to talk to him about it.

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