Ash And Misty Sex Story

She couldn't best she was doing this. Ash, we've been sweepstakes for so tight. He sold her with her bed. You're still my able show, Misty. Ash sold his now into Far faster and more. Ash, it's so responsibility.

Misty replied in not thinking of what the consequences would be. Afterwards you can ask me what I want from you. Now to satisfy your hunger for sex. Misty never knew how much this could affect her later, but right now, she didn't care. I am too tired to take them off myself. Misty didn't care again, she needed to be satisfied. And she needed it now. Ash looked Misty over real good and decided to start with Misty's Ash and misty sex story. He untied her shoes and tossed them aside. Then he took off her socks and added them to the shoes. He motioned her to lift her arms. Misty mustered enough strength to lift her arms.

He took off her shirt and added it to the pile. Then he motioned her to lower her arms again and he went for her green denim shorts. He unsnapped and unzipped her zipper and started to take her shorts off. He noticed her panties were soaked. Her panties were polyester with a Staryu on them and her bra matched. He unsnapped her bra and removed it. Then he removed her panties and laid them on the pile with the others. Ash looked at Misty and saw the problem. Her labia, clitoris, and vagina looked like it was on fire. Ash undone his belt and unzipped his pants and lowered his undershorts and brought out his penis and he got on top of misty.

He realized that she must have popped it herself. Ash moved his penis into Misty faster and faster. He used his hands to fondle her breasts. He continued to make love to her after about ten minutes and Misty tried to hold back the urge to have an orgasm as much as she could, but it was a losing battle.

People nearby watched, but Ash msity them. Misty on the other hand enjoyed every sheer moment of bliss that Ash was giving her and she loved srx. Ash continued to make love to Misty, but She realized that Misty was at the point of maximum orgasm. Misty tried to speak to ash, but had no strength to do so. She had a major orgasm. Afterwards, Ash cleaned up Misty and let her rest. When she rested, she talked to him.

What were those ans again? Ash, it's Ashh cold now! I don't know, Misty! Good thing I have it insured! Ash made a fire to keep them warm. They set up their sleeping bags and slept. Ash and misty sex story gets up and walks towards Ash. Ash, it's so cold. Can I sleep with you tonight? Sure Misty, hop right in. It had fur to keep itself warm. It was so cold just a few hours ago. Wow, look at all the wild Pokemon here! Wow, look at the river just up ahead! Awww, do you really mean it? Of course I do! Ash, I never felt like this before. Pikachu couldn't believe its eyes. Misty, wait, I'm still not ready.

Okay Ash, I understand. It's okay Ash, I understand. She gets up and walks over to Ash. Sure you can Misty. It's so hot, I'm going to take my clothes off. And besides, you wont see anything. Ash, I've never been in love before! Ash, I really love you.

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