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More than only fishing with adults, their job is also to help the women by watching over the infants while they fish. The group remains in one area until it is hunted out. It then abandons the camp and settles down in a different portion of the forest. The group is communal and makes decisions by consensus. During the dry season, it is common for the Baka to move and set camp within the forest in order to facilitate fishing and overall nutritional gathering. Men hunt from dawn until dusk and the women gather two types of fruits: The Baka people continue to monitor bee activity in order to obtain honey or "poki".

The Baka people believe Jengi to be omnipresent within the forest allowing him to punish transgressors within the confines of the forest.

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Ultimately, the Baka worship nature as it is Komba, not Jengi, that resides in sate. Once they are initiated, they have the right to live and walk freely within the sacred forest. It had no features, no limbs, batourii face. At first I was sure it was a Pygmy camouflaged in foliage, but as Ejengi glided across the darkened clearing, the drums beat louder and faster, and as the Pygmies' chanting grew more frenzied, Audlt began to doubt Dirty sluts in tula own eyes. They deem the death of one of their own to be a representation of spiritual datee.

Each tribe, having witnessed the death of one of their own, is required to pray to Jengi and dance batouti the debris covered corpse for an entire night. The dance performed during the death rituals is daet the Mbouamboua. After a long night of Woman adult date in batouri, the villagers depart from where they were stationed, leaving the corpse behind, and set out to move somewhere else in order to flee the curse. Various plants may be brewed or mashed into a pulp to treat various illnesses or infertility. These remedies are often used on Womxn, as the areas where they are most used have high child mortality rates. While the efficacy of these remedies has not been proven, this traditional medicine is so renowned that even non-Baka seek out their healers for treatment.

They exchange some of their primary goods fruits, wild nuts, medicinal plants etc. Because of this, the Baka often work as indentured servants to the farmers. This unbalanced relationship often causes tensions between the two groups. According to anthropologist Alec Leonhardt, the Baka people are deprived of their human rights. Leonhardt explains that the fight for Baka rights is not on Cameroon and Gabon's political agendas and neither is it on the "policy agenda" of the U. N Draft Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples, a working group whose purpose is to fight for the rights of indigenous peoples.

Because the Baka are an ethnic minority in both Cameroon and Gabon, they are often either excluded from their respective school systems or forced to forgo their culture and assimilate to the Bantu. Formal schooling for Baka youth can often be difficult for them to handle because it does not fit in with their nomadic way of life. Secondly, she explains that the Baka choose not to attend school due to their physical distance from these schools as most of the formal schools are built outside of Baka settlements. The Baka also tend to feel uncomfortable in these public schools as they are often despised by their Bantu neighbors and made fun of for their small height.

Furthermore, they do not feel at ease when attending school because they do not understand the language as the only languages accepted within these schools are French and Bantu languages. Kamei also describes the economic reasons behind why the Baka children do not attend public schools. Baka parents are often unable to afford sending their children to school as only a small fragment of the Baka society is pecuniary. For example, some deforestation projects have been initiated in order to procure palm oil which is heavily found within the confines of the forest. Anthropologist Shiho Hattori, recorded about instruments that the Baka use daily for cooking, hunting and gathering, rituals etc.

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