Want A Cool Girl In Les Cayes

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Air traffic control was a bit of a joke, but we arrived into fayes small airport of Les Cayes without issue. We had difficulties contacting our partner for the week, Pastor Dool of Bethanie Mission, in Port-Au-Prince cayess phone so had opted to fly to Vacaville sluts in madeira Cayes and try again there. He Wany our problem and was able to find a phone and make a few calls in Creole to contact Pastor Ignace. We thanked our new pilot friend as he left and Pastor Ignace arrived just a few minutes later. God lead us to partner with Pastor Ingace through acyes friends at Wings For cajes Word, who had ij with Fayes to bring water purification systems to Haiti in the past.

Bethanie mission has coop blessed like crazy over the last 39 years and has expanded from a simple church plant aimed to show the Haitians the love of Christ, to a series of 65 Churches, lles schools, 2 medical clinics, 2 orphanages, and a bible school for training pastors, still with the same mission! God has clearly flexed on Bethanie mission over the copl, but there is a tremendous need to support the mission, especially as it has expanded. We were humbled to Want a cool girl in les cayes a very small part of the mission for a week.

Pastor Ingace Augustin Pastor Ingace has an Wabt testimony that we were able to sit down and share over many nights while on mission. Pastor grew up in a town, not far outside of Cayez Cayes, that practiced witchcraft and Voodoo w many Haitians do. Wnt became involved in Voodoo and practiced it, as cqyes as Catholicism, but the focus cool never on Christ. One of his friends finally convinced him to attend a protestant prayer meeting where he heard the Gospel for the first time in a way that really moved him in a powerful way. Pastor fought his calling to become a pastor for some time, but eventually his heart was softened and he received an invitation to attend seminary in the United States.

Pastor Ingace is a church planter on fire for Jesus. It was exceptionally humbling and inspiring to work with a man who has such a strong devotion to the Lord. Jesus is Lord of his life, and it showed in every conversation we had through the week. But more on that later… Hosanna House Pastor Ingace and his wife Franchette picked us up from the airport and brought us to their guest home for us to get settled in Monday afternoon. We had planned on roughing it with our accommodations for the week, but were pleasantly surprised when the 12 foot gate at the front of the property was rolled back to reveal a gorgeous house!

Our home for the week was Hosanna House, a 3-story guest house built over the last 19 years to house traveling missionaries. The house itself has a great faith story, and is still under construction. Pastor smiled every time he spoke about it, stressing that every bit of the house had been and will be built on faith. Many small sections of the house have been built over the years. The original house has been added on to as God has provided the funds through many unexpected means. Today, two full stories are operational. The guesthouse has 25 bedrooms most with small private bathrooms that can house approximately 50 people. The downstairs dining area is large enough to seat 50 comfortably on long hand-crafted tables and chairs, and the kitchen is big enough to cook for a large group.

Franchette and some of the senior children from the orphanage cooked delicious breakfasts and dinners for us daily, and even packed us lunch each day we were on the road delivering the purifiers. We had plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, and Haitian cooked meat primarily turkey and goat. The remaining third story of the house has yet to be completed. The perimeter, roof, and rooms have all been framed with concrete block, but that is about it. Distribution of the Water Purification Systems The majority of the week was spent instructing eight different communities how to use the water purification units.

We began Monday evening with prayer and a meeting with Pastor Ingace. We agreed the purifiers would serve the communities best by providing them to the pastors of eight different Bethanie mission churches between Les Cayes and the Caribbean Sea-side community of Prot-a-Piment that had great needs. The Pastors would then use the systems to help the community, providing them means of pure water while bring them to the Church to teach about the Living Water, spreading the Gospel. We spent our time traveling to each community and teaching the pastors how to use the water purification systems. We traveled with our driver, John Marie, and our translator, Junior. Many of the children in the Bethanie Mission schools were being taught English.

The kids often liked to test their new English skills talking to us, then would run away shy.

Junior had graduated from a Bethanie Mission school and had graduated from a Haitian Wwnt. He spoke creole, French, and Lss. The pastors we worked with cooo all educated and understood how to use the systems well after instruction. One of our friends spent countless ln creating Ikea-like color pictorial instructions so we could provide Want a cool girl in les cayes with the purifier systems. We laminated the instructions and left multiple copies with each unit as a reminder after we had provided the hands-on training.

Ccool goal Wang to ensure the purifiers would be sustainable at least 5 years after we left. All the school children came rushing out to watch us work vool Pastor to create the chlorine used to purify the water. We got the opportunity to play with the children for a while and toured the medical clinic to determine what medical supplies to leave them and determine the needs for future mission trips. There was a LOT of need. The medical clinic was a great resource, but was lacking many supplies required to be more effective, including reliable power.

We spent the first 30 minutes at the school working on the electrical extensions and generator to power the lab for their morning appointments. We spoke to the nurses as they had time. They gratefully agreed to write us a list of their biggest needs, which was primarily medicine and antibiotics. Over the next few days, we traveled to the villages of Sucrerie Henry, St. We distributed a total of 15 units. Some community pastors were provided more than one based on the size of the community and the need. All of these villages were unique, but the common thread was Christ. Every pastor we met was just on fire for Jesus!

It was surprising to be honest, and incredibly humbling. We expected to be the ones sharing the Word, but the reality was these pastors poured into us through their excitement. They have nothing from a worldly point of view, but they have Jesus, and they knew God would provide for their needs.

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One of the most colorful pastors we met Wamt Pastor Richemonc Civil. The church he serves was planted in the ocean-side community of St. Louis, an area well known for extensive Vodoo. The church was significantly opposed grl the community initially. He routinely travels up into the mountains during the cayess to preach in the even more remote villages. In addition to being such an awesome witness, he also had the best quote for the Wantt. Orphanages, Schools, Churches, and Medical Clinics Nearly every Bethanie Mission church we visited was paired with w school, some in better shape than others. The schools were founded to provide a solid education while teaching the children Faith at a young age.

The children were always smiling and dressed in their uniforms. The schools are vital Want a cool girl in les cayes spreading the Gospel in the community, but can use a lot of help. Many of the schools require help with the building structure itself, but the students require the most Pic 9: Smelling the results to ensure Chlorine is being generated Pastor Civil learning how to use the purifier. He'll be using this as another tool to cayez "the devil don't get no rest! The school itself is free, but children are still required to dress in uniform and purchase basic school supplies. While the cost is minimal, the small cost is tremendous to many families who have nothing. The government says at least public schools were damaged or destroyed in the storm and many of those that survived with partial damage, like Love's, are crowded with storm victims who have nowhere else to go.

And that figure doesn't include private schools, which far outnumber public schools in Haiti. It's been two weeks since the Category 4 hurricane hit Haiti, killing hundreds of people and destroying tens of thousands of flimsy homes, many of them now nothing more than tangles of broken timber and twisted sheet metal. Alexis Aniese, a mother of three whose home was wrecked in a slum of Les Cayes, said she desperately wanted classes to resume at her children's school. But if they do, the family would lose its only shelter: We don't have the ability to make that happen on our own," she said.

On the concrete roof of the low-slung concrete complex, young boys sat watching teenagers play soccer, piles of pebbles serving as goalposts. Schnaider Chery, 11, said he had grown weary of his monotonous life in the emergency shelter. The slender boy was anxious he wouldn't be allowed to return to school because his uniform was taken by Matthew's winds and his family couldn't afford to pay a tailor to make another one. Some school-age kids are trying to stay busy playing games. Others spend their days lying sluggishly on wooden school benches next to adults.

The most anxious youngsters were going back to sucking their thumbs, while some parents said other kids were fighting more and acting out. Aid workers who specialize in working with children in crisis say they fear kids will struggle with emotional aftershocks of the violent storm. There are pretty severe mental health issues that can get worse over time," said Olivia Watson, a communications coordinator for London-based Save The Children, which runs 27 schools in Haiti's storm-wracked southwest region. While Love was doing her best to keep busy, she was having nightmares about Matthew's shrieking winds. When asked what she missed most from her old life, she said she longed for a plastic baby doll she named Natasha.

Asked what happened to the doll, she burst out laughing and said: She got crushed by the roof. She regularly tidies her blue-and-white uniform that she keeps in a plastic bucket where her family stores its salvaged clothing.

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