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Sustainable Energy The report says that of all issues, the matter of sustainable energy drew the most responses and that "nearly everybody agrees that what is most urgently needed is a substitute for the diminishing, costly fossil fuels we are now so dependent on. I would like to see a full-speed switch to solar and other natural forms of energy," wrote Bruce Hilde of Moorhead, Minnesota. Frances Schleissner of Chatsworth, California, offers a very thorough take: As a long-term means for providing energy without the concomitant production of potentially lethal byproducts, I feel that solar energy is the most practical.

11 Areas of Future Life Covered in The Tricentennial Report

Rationing energy One of the solutions to the energy crisis suggested in a number of letters was to limit or heavily discourage usage by law, a stark contrast to the continued excess that has come to pass. Once this allowance has been fully utilized any additional usage should be extremely expensive so as to encourage conservation," Richard Kleinbaum of NYC suggested. In the year there will be several changes in the Moorhead sex dates in trieste. We will be eating capsules and pills instead of food. At the Fourth of July picnic our baskets will be stuffed with barbecued chicken pills and potato salad capsules. Scientists will have discovered that human consumption of meats and vegetables is hazardous to human life.

For this reason livestock will be kept only as pets and vegetables will be grown only as ornamental plants Another major accomplishment of these tasty capsules would be the fact that sloppiness at the table would be eliminated. Marriage Another student, Sheri Lynn Brown from Sylmar, California, worries about how a more automated life will lead to widespread boredom, but also extrapolates a radical change to our current social structure based on the changing norms of the '60s and '70s: Customs have changed much in the last 20 years, so I think that in years I believe we won't have marriage. Families won't be important as they are now.

Everybody will do his own thing.

City-scapes Everyone seems to agree that the future will see even more of a shift to further urbanization. The cities of are meticulously planned and essentially revamped from scratch with detailed, organized layouts. Carroll of Flushing, New York goes all in on the grid-structure: My idea is a plan for the city of the future. Population of each city should be limited to 1, and overcrowding eliminated. They first went to two other bars, where 10 people were arrested, he said. Officers then went to the Rainbow Lounge, which had opened about a week ago.

No one was arrested for but about half a dozen people were arrested on charges of public intoxication, according to records. Swingers wants sex orgy seeking sex HI! I'm a slight bbw woman who enjoys the touch of a younger woman way more than a man. I have posted before without pictures and the replies would just be. Now tell me about yourself and tell me what you enjoy.

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