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This new guard is would, flaca, has a perimeter body-silicone and all time a ownership shcking, inbut at the frozen, when I saw her at TVO, she did not going the district parts, so I never really sold her again. Madero Ote See Centro. But as I united you first On Saturday west, I had met a time oriental girl, probably of owner private, on the frozen Thursday night. Have fun and be able out there!!!!!!!. When I saw her Model night I was with my seller, Carlos, visiting the compresses, and I told this sandbar I would see back to see her on Need to get to legal her guard.

We had suckng nice dinner of fajitas for two, and garden salads. She taught me the proper pronunciation of some Loge that I was wondering about, and I taught her some more Matehyala. We enjoyed each others company very much. We talked a little about what she is wanting to do in life. Of course, her aspirations involve wanting to meet a nice gringo to marry and return to the USA, where she spent Naughty girls nude in zahedan years, where Matwhuala think she matehuaka she worked in a factory. That is where she learned so much English.

Anyway, she is honest im wanting to marry a gringo, but she is also realistic that it is probably just a dream. She joked with me a number of times about me wanting to marry her yet. I did not volunteer too much information about myself I am concerned that these girls might try to Love sucking in matehuala it against me later on, so now I am pretty close to the vest about giving them information that is too specific. Anyway, this girl had to leave Monterrey by bus no later than She had already purchased her tickets Love sucking in matehuala we met, and she had already planned on going to Mexico City to visit her kids. Actually, it was perfect because I got rid of her at just the right time to visit some clubs.

The chica selection was not too good Sunday night, especially at Matehuela and Infinito. So, after I had done a fly by of each of the clubs, I finally returned to Harem, where I purchased table dances from three of the best looking girls. The first dance was with a girl who looked kind of spacey. I think she was on something because she had that far away look in her eyes. The table dance was OK, but there wasn't much conversation with her. She was just too out of it to be any fun. The second girl was better I purchased two dances from her. Dances are relatively cheap there on Sunday night. Then, the third girl was a flaca mexicana with glasses, and she was the best of the three.

She has really pretty eyes, but with her glasses she is kind of the secretary type. You know, the type that looks like a secretary with the glasses on, and then goes wild with you when she lets her hair down. I purchased two table dances with her, and we talked in the privados. She had a nice personality and so I decided to buy her a Tecate and sit upstairs where I could talk to her some more. We talked, kissed, and snuggled upstairs for a while, and she ended up giving me her cell phone number. She agreed to go with me outside the club on her night off, a Monday night, next time I visit Monterrey. I think this girl could be a lot of fun, and she really seemed to like me a lot.

The chemistry has to be there for me to want to take them out of the club, and this girl had good personality and there was good chemistry between us. Anyway, I guess these exploits will have to hold me over now until my next visit, which will probably be in May. Good luck if you are going to Monterrey. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask. Have fun and be careful out there!!!!!!!!

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Carlos took Love sucking in matehuala over to Goucho, which is a local Argentinian restaurant. It is a wonderful place to have an unbelievable steak. It was too much for one person to eat, so we split it between us. It was absolutely delicious. Thanks to Carlos for a really great afternoon of amusing discussion about work, girls, play, girls, business, girls, and more girls, and more girls HA HA HA. Carlos and I stayed together until about Well, the first place I visited Saturday night was Extasis. I have been trying to get a girl to see me outside of Extasis for literally weeks.

This girl is a really charming and beautiful flaca morena my favoritas. She has promised to meet me outside Extasis no less than four times, and each time she has stood me up. But, even with all the abuse, I still love being with her. She is one of the girls I find to be the most fun, and it has to do with the way we relate when I am with her more than her appearance, which is perfect too. There are literally thousands of very beautiful flaca morenas here in Monterrey, but they do not all have the charm I'm looking for. This girl has what I want. She is truely a professional in her job, and she knows how to charm me beyond my ability to reason.

I know I have been a fool to continue to patronize her, but she knows how to push all the right buttons. I have looked for another girl who is capable of this same charisma, but the only other girl that even came close was my girl, Cindy, from TVO. Anyway, this girl at Extasis had stood me up one time too many, and she kept promising to meet me outside the club. Undoubtedly, her motivation was to get me to continue buying Harras. But, I finally became fed up with her treatment last night, and decided to teach here a lesson. I went to TVO, and instead of patronizing my girl, I went with another girl, and I vowed not to patronize my girl at all.

In the past, I had tried this before but always buckled under the pressure of her charms. But, tonight would be different. I bought a Harra for this new girl, and my other girl got wind that I was in the place patronizing another girl. All of a sudden my cell phone starts ringing off the hook.

suckihg So, I ran out onto the street to get away from the deafeningly loud music to answer the cell phone, and guess what, it is my girl asking me where I am, etc Wow, what a coincidence. Obviously, a waiter must have told her I was there, but matehuapa acted mstehuala she had just called me out of the blue. So, that is when I started to get phone calls on my cell phone from my girl. Sudking had not come out on the floor of the club yet. I guess she was still in back getting dressed, but as soon as I was talking about trying to leave, they brought out the big suckint by having her call oLve cell phone to try to get me to stay.

What a bunch of crap!!!! They must think we are totally stupid. I may be foolish, but I am far matehuapa stupid. Anyway, my Unsatisfied sexy women in macedonia finally came out of the back room and sat with me on one of the padded couches against the front corner of the building. She tried everything to get me to Love sucking in matehuala, but I was strong. I politely told her she had been dishonest with me from the start, and that I really liked her very much, but that I was done being manipulated by her. I told her I would not spend another freakin dime on her. I told her that if she wants to reverse the trend, she should call me the next day so we can arrange to meet outside the club.

Matebuala gave her my room number and and a brochure from the hotel. And, I really don't expect sucming to call me. Actually, it probably isn't really her fault because she told me up front in the very beginning matehuxla she does not do anything on site, nor does she do salidas with anyone. But, like a hard headed monger, I thought I could change her mind. Well, I have moved on now after last night, and I am seeking a girl who has sufficient personality to take her place. They are not easy to find, but I'm looking. OK, that's the Extasis installment I have much more to tell.

On my next stop, I saw my old flame, Cindy, originally from TVO, over at Paserrelas for the first time in 4 or 5 months, and it was like a double edged sword. Those of you who know me will think I am imagining things, or that Cindy is insincere, but I think she is sincere with me But, as there has been more time between these events, I wonder if I am merely caught in one of the intoxicating webs these girls spin. Afterall, they are professional manipulators, and con women. When I first went into the club, I was walking to a table, and Cindy and I almost bumped into each other.

When our eyes met, I had feelings that I really can't even put into words. It was like I was seeing my daughter and my lover all in one person. We had been emotionally attached over the last several months, and I think our relationship surpassed that which is typically experienced by most mongers. I relate the depth of my feelings as a warning to other mongers not to seek a romantic and emotional relationship with these girls. It hurts to realize that you were engaged in a relationship with someome that you can never really have a true relationship with. It is very sad, but when our eyes met, not a word had to be spoken to convey the strong emotional feelings that I know were there between us.

Not only an emotional attachment, but also a very strong amount of regret. We will never really be able to take it to the level of a traditional relationship. Anyway, Cindy had to leave me to go do her dance sets, then when she was done, she went into the bathroom immediately after finishing her dances. Guys, when I saw her dance, it reafirmed why I love her. She has the body of a porn star She is the most beautiful girl I have ever seen in Monterrey. But, in addition to her face and body, she has a personality that is the most intoxicating I have ever found, and I have looked for replacements. There's a mesquite tree nearby for shade when the sun gets too intense, and a little shelter from rain.

An old dusty burro cart track gets you most of the way there, then goat trails help get you the rest of the way without too many cactus spines stuck in your body parts. The backdrop is great too. A mountain, also sacred to the Huichol Indians. Every 3 years years, it's required that the head of each family must make a pilgrimage from their tribal area in the state of Nayarit, to the top of this mountain they call "Quemado". They believe they must perform peyote or "jikuri" ceremonies at various points along the way and at the top of Quemado, in order for the sun to continue to rise, as well as various spiritual reasons.

They make magnificently designed, colorful yarn art based on peyote visions, and have mostly maintained their culture for at least years. I'm told, that it's believed that the great Blue Deer diety, where it leaves it's tracks, is where the peyote grows. It's an interesting area with great spiritual significance to many people. The Huichol have an excellent museum in Zacatecas, with many examples of their art and culture. Anyway, it's a place I've been going to re-charge for several years now. Ended up scooting a peace sign in the dirt about 13 feet in diameter.

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