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In put to breast enhancement, Dr. While, daily Looming can personally be resumed about two laws after the area. The guard implant may be able to be inserted through any of the above three times of scar. Not all challengers are suitable to ask a combined procedure. He will then open each tissue and use and reproportion the breastline so that it is in all with the customer's body frame.

Breast Augmentation On There is often slight pain and discomfort during the first day after breast augmentation in addition to a light numbness over the breast that may take up to two months to fade. A patch of permanent numbness or even increased sensitivity somewhere on the breast may also occur. Any bruising or swelling from the operation should be gone by about one week. Patients should allow themselves at least a week off of work to recover; normal daily routines can typically be resumed after this time. Rigorous activity should be avoided for at least four weeks. Nipple erection is generally not affected by breast enlargement, and patients should still be able to breastfeed.


Breast augmentation and enlargement can give patients in the Brisbane, and Mackay Queensland areas a whole new look for their bodies. Bushell-Guthrie is experienced and skilled with this procedure and looks forward to giving patients Looking for big breast today in qld youthful bustlines that they've been dreaming of. Breast Implants The two main types of breast implants available at our Brisbane practice are saline implants and silicone implants. Silicone Breast Implants Silicone implants are composed of a silicone shell, and they are filled with a silicone gel. The latest gels are said to be "cohesive" and are designed to avoid gel run-out even if the shell ruptures. Cohesive gel implants are a bit firmer than previous types of silicone implants, but they still have an a natural feel to them.

Saline Breast Implants Saline implants are made of silicone shell filled with a saltwater solution. As with most cosmetic treatments, there are advantages and disadvantages to using saline implants. Although they add volume and definition to the breasts, they do not feel as natural as their silicone counterparts. Plus, they can sometimes produce a rippled appearance. On the other hand, the body can easily absorb the saltwater should they rupture. Breast Implant Considerations There are some factors that affect both kinds of implants. Keep in mind that breast implants interfere with the reading of mammograms. Phillip Bushell-Guthrie advises patients who have implants to have ultrasound scans performed every year to check the breasts and implants.

At the patient's initial consultation, Dr. Bushell-Guthrie will go over breast implant options and the risks and benefits of each and will decide with the patient which implant will be best for her needs and breast enlargement goals. For more information on breast implants, contact our Brisbane plastic surgery office today. Breast Reduction Women with overly large breasts can often suffer from a number of problems, including bra-strap indentation, pain and discomfort, difficulty fitting into clothing, and self-consciousness. Breast reduction surgery can make the breasts smaller by taking away excess breast tissue and skin, lifting the breasts, and reshaping them.

The Breast Reduction Procedure Dr. Phillip Bushell-Guthrie will Looking for big breast today in qld incisions around the areola the dark-pigmented area surrounding the nipple and from there down to the crease under the breast. He will then remove excess tissue and skin and reproportion the todday so that it is in keeping with the patient's body frame. Some patients may also require liposuction to Lookin optimal breast reduction. This procedure is fairly major surgery which bdeast take at least three hours under general anaesthesia. Breast Reduction Recovery A light numbness may develop over the bresat during recovery and take some time to wear off, and it could even wld permanent patches of numbness in some areas of the breasts.

Patches of increased sensitivity are also known to occur in some patients. Swelling and tkday from the todag should be gone after greast three weeks, and stitches will be removed after two weeks. There will inevitably be some scarring from the procedure, but, Dr. Bushell-Guthrie will make the incisions as inconspicuous as possible. This is a specialised three dimensional photographic computer program that enables a patient to see a simulation of their predicted final outcome. This machine also calculates an accurate assessment of breast volume and is a useful adjunctive tool in planning surgery and implant choice for breast asymmetry cases.

Multiple different size and shape options can be trialled both on the computer simulation, as well as using trial implants placed under a bra or T shirt supplied by Dr. Beltbefore a patient commits to the final size of their implants. The use of trial implants which a patient places in a tight bra complement the Vectra to give a patient realistic expectations. Surgery is performed under a general anaesthetic. Surgery is normally performed as a day case. Patients are discharged home after surgery on oral pain relief and seen for post-operative reviews at 24 hours and 7 days after the procedure.

Patients are requested to avoid vigorous physical activity and wear a support bra for a period of at least six weeks after surgery. Augmentation mastopexy It is possible to combine a breast augmentation with a mastopexy breast lift. This is a common procedure that is used to correct the loss of volume and the sagging skin associated with the changes that occur during breast-feeding lactation. The advantage of combining the procedures is that it may reduce the costs and it is also possible to reduce the size, length and number of scars involved.

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