Fog Horn Noise When Flushing Toilet

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I have a very loud groaning noise in my house that seems to go on longer each hofn I hear it. I can't tell where Fig originates. Groaning noises and a variety of other noises such as banging and whistling often originate in plumbing and can be very difficult to pinpoint. Even an experienced plumber might not help much unless he or she hears the noise. However, here are some of the most common causes: Suspect this if the groaning occurs after a toilet is flushed.

The noise occurs noies the toilet tank is being refilled. The remedy is to replace the valve, which is at the left inside the toilet tank. Older toilets often have a ball on a horj attached to the valve; newer toilets generally Fog horn noise when flushing toilet a tower-type valve without a ball. Do-it-yourself refill valves for most toilets are sold at home centers; just be sure and get a valve that will fit your brand of toilet. When the valve starts making the foghorn noise, lift the float ball all the way to the top of the tank. If the noise stops, there's a loose or worn washer in the ballcock mechanism.

Look for three screws in the top of the fill valve. If you see them, the valve isn't sealed, and you can disassemble it. Before you do, turn off the water and flush the toilet to empty the tank. Remove the three screws with a screwdriver and lift the ball, the armature and the top of the flush valve out of the tank. Pry the washer off of the bottom of the valve and replace it with a new one.

How to Fix a Toilet Making a Foghorn Sound

Why is my Toilet so Noisy? Sunday, 24 April All toilets are somewhat noisy when the flush is actually taking place. Typical problems of toklet flush toilets Toilte some instances, the noise when the toilets cistern refills, is purely down to the flow of the water itself. This results in the water running down and splashing into the cistern as it fills. Fixing a Noisy Toilet Here are a number of fixes that you can try: Take a look at your existing valve and clean away any dirt of debris that may have gathered.

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