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When I heare men magnifie quaint and polite discourses in the ministry of the fwncy, and speak against Sermons that are plaine and wholesome, I look upon it not Tickle your fancy dating much as an Act of pride though the wisdome of the flesh datinh very apt to scorne the afncy of the Gospel but indeed as an act of feare and cowardize ; because where all other externall trimmings and dresses are wanting to tickle the Tickle your fancy dating, Tickpe the Word hath the more downright datint sad operation upon the conscience, and must consequently the more startle and terrifie. The fittest temper for a true Believer, is to be in the spirit on the Lords Day: This was St Johns temper on that day.

And what can bring us to this ravishment in the Spirit, but the spiritual beholding of our ravishing glory? Surely though an outward Ordinance may delight the ear, or tickle the fancy, yet it is the views of God that must ravish the Soul. There is a great deal of difference betwixt the receiving of the Word with joy, Mat. In plain terms, a universal abuse [through raillery and wit] of every thing, though it may tickle the fancy never so much, is inhuman madness ; as one of the Ancients well expresses it, who calls such mirth humanis Bacchari rebus. If all things were made the subjects of such humour, all worthy designs would soon be laugh'd out of the World ; and for our present sport, our Posterity would become barbarous.

And unlesse the Word of God were, as the Jewes tells us of the Manna, though very fabulously, Even this, though Angels food shall be loathed, and nauseated, and surely this argues a carnal Spirit. The Book like the pack of Ulysses, made up of toyes for Ghetto black booty tube, and Arms for a Heroe, though checquer'd with a pleasing variety of accidents to tickle the fancy of the lightest wits, consists chiefly of Generous Examples of solid vertue, to kindle emulation in the bravest Spirits: And in continuance of time, other matters also crowded into that Society [of the Marshal's Court], although sometimes under the Directory of the Constable of England as well as at other times Tickle your fancy dating the Marshal ; more particularly, that power of determining matters concerning Torniament ; a sport that like a Sarcasm tickles the fancy, but wounds the heart ; and being of as little use in a Commonwealth as of benefit, therefore is laid aside ; nor need I to speak any more concerning it.

Pliny tells us, That the Mermaids [that is, the Sirens] have most enchanting, charming Voices, and frequent pleasant green Medows, but heaps of dead mens Bones are always found where they haunt: If the Pain as Anacreon well observes were before the Pleasure, no man would be tempted by it, but the Pleasure being first and sensible, and the Torment coming after, and as yet invisible, this allures so many to destruction. Conclusions It seems very possible that the earliest wording of "tickle [one's] fancy" was actually "tickle the fancy," where the verb tickle was understood figuratively to mean something like "amuse" or "divert" and where the noun fancy was understood to refer to "imagination" or "thought" or "mental activity.

The sexual double entendre of "tickle [one's] fancy" might have been used in certain circles from very early days, but any such usage evidently did not taint the phrase significantly to dissuade serious-minded authors from continuing to use it. Learn how to connect your accounts Why should I brand my topic? Branding your topics will give more credibility to your content, position you as a professional expert and generate conversions and leads. Learn more How to integrate my topics' content to my website? By redirecting your social media traffic to your website, Scoop.

tickle (one's) fancy

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