Sanford And Son The Older Woman

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While filming a owman scene with Hewitt, Hart took B12 vitamins to stay energized, and offered them to a skeptical Hewitt, who thought the vitamins were drugs. Kaplan and Elfont recognized his talent immediately. I never read the script. It was all very sweet.

Sanford and Son Season 4 Episode 22 The Older Woman

And that always makes me laugh thinking of that. Aww, Jennifer wanted me to smell good. It was a prop. Insome of the cast reunited at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery for a screening of the film.

Amanda and him had a horrible breakup and there were kids Sanford and son the older woman. He drinks himself silly over a typewriter. We could have the whole movie take place at the reunion. So Fred breaks into Sanford and son the older woman room to return the ring. Fred comes between Grady and his fiancee when he learns that they plan to marry. Fred doesn't want to lose his TV-watching partner. Lamont tries to rid his father of his hatred of Mexicans, Chinese and fat people. First, Lamont leaves home when Fred refuses to allow a sensitivity group to meet at the Sanford home.

Then, to get Lamont back, Fred consents to the meeting. Lamont gets the group to work on Fred's problems. Fred fears his junk business will end when Lamont takes a job in a men's clothing store. Home Sweet Home Season 4, episode 7 W: Fred is the lone holdout when a Japanese development company tries to buy the houses in the neighborhood. CrenshawPhilip Bruns Calvin. Fred buys a broken-down horse for breeding, but when he discovers it is a gelding he puts pants on the animal in order to sell it. Sanford And Niece Season 4, episode 9 W: Norman Abbott Fred's young niece comes to town and asks to stay a few days while she gets set up to go to school.

Because she looks like his deceased wife, Fred becomes attached to her. Thanks to Grady, the neighborhood policemen get turned on by marijuana when they eat a salad he serves them made from Fred Sanford's garden. Tower Power Season 4, episode 12 W: After a museum visit, Fred decides to get into the artistic field by assembling a "sculpture" from junk in the yard. HastingsJohn Hawker Postman.

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