Is There Any Real Women In Fukushima

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Power was disabled to three reactors, which caused a serious nuclear accident as cooling systems failed. Large quantities of radiation were immediately released into the environment and approximatelypeople were evacuated. The long-term social consequences of the original Fukushima Daiichi accident have been broad and far-reaching. Perception of riskthe likelihood of exposure to danger, has been at the Is there any real women in fukushima of social controversy after the disaster. Radiation is invisible, and it is challenging to understand or percieve a threat that can only be detected by specialist scientific equipment.

Often women and children are hit the hardest by this, regardless of socioeconomic status. Participation in CRMOs has decreased over time, as the social memory of Fukushima Daiichi fades, but citizen science initiatives such as Safecast still provide useful information to many. The recent earthquake temporarily halted the cooling system at the nearby Fukushima Daini Fukushima II reactor, and so there is likely to be a resurgence in monitoring, and a reunion of these support networks. Regardless of what happens now, there has already been a positive seismic shift in attitudes by both the government and scientists toward concerned mothers and community monitoring.

Not only were thousands of families displaced from their homes, evacuation has meant the separation of family groups. Photograph by Thom Davies. In an effort to get back to normality as quickly as possible, the Japanese government is set to lift evacuation orders at the end of March and allow evacuated residents to return to areas close to the Fukushima power plant. Employees clean an elementary school in Fukushima. It's scheduled to re-open in April.

Fukushima nuclear disaster from a foreign perspective: German film was shot inside exclusion zone

A year after an area is declared safe, the government will stop paying compensation to evacuees. Resl March, Japan will also cut housing support for people who decided to move out although fu,ushima were not under a government evacuation order. Ending compensation payments "even though radiation levels far exceed the long-term targets in many areas [ After the disaster, a lot of women separated from or even divorced their husbands, who chose to stay in contaminated regions because of their work, and evacuated with their children. But the phenomenon is common enough to have a name, "genpatsu rikon" — literally meaning "atomic divorce".

These mothers evacuated with their children from Fukushima prefecture. This poses a health threat as the returnees would be surrounded by contamination. Mothers are worried about their health and the development of their children.

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