How Do I Hook Up My Speakers To My Amplifier

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Service availability varies by region. AMP each have an analog line input. Anytime you have an external source, such as a TV or CD player, connected to one unit in our system, that external source can be played throughout the entire system. Specifically, it shows up as an option under the line-in category of the music menu, and can be selected for playback in any room with a Sonos player. Do you make an outdoor speaker? The speaker units that we sell, the PLAY: They can certainly be moved outside, but they are not designed to live outside unless they are in a covered space. AMP unit with traditional weather-rated speakers. Will Sonos work with my existing equipment?

di AMP to bring Sonos functionality to your speakers. Can I connect Sonos to my TV? It is hoook to set-up, control and expand throughout your home. Amp eo designed for a single pair speakesr speakers- it is a stereo amplifier, right and left channel. However, if your speakers are rated at 8 ohms, you can wire up to 2 pairs, or 4 speakers, to one Connect: Can I use two speakers as a stereo pair? However, if you are looking for better stereo separation, you can use two PLAY: This simple software toggle turns one speaker into a dedicated left and the other into a dedicated right. You can use two PLAY: Which speaker is right for my room? Consider upgrading to a PLAY: Position the speakers where you want them to be and lay out the speaker cable so that the excess cable is coiled at the bottom of the speaker stands.

Plug in the left speaker cable to the "L" jack on the back of the mixer board and the right cable to the "R" jack. There will be a switch on the mixer that allows you to select the use of the monitor and the speakers or just the speakers.

How do you connect a subwoofer to an amplifier?

Then, you'll be able to daisy chain the speakers. Plug the speaker end of the cables into the speakers. If you're running both jacks out of the mixer into the speakers, then plug directly from the mixer to the speakers. Either of the jacks on the back of the speaker will work equally well. If you're using a monitor setup, then plug the cable from the mixer into the one speaker. For example, run the line from the mixer to the left speaker and then plug the speaker cable from the right speaker into the second jack on the left speaker. This daisy chains the amplified speakers together and leaves the monitor jack on the mixer free for your monitors.

Connect the power cords to the speakers and plug them into outlets. Switch on the power for the speakers and the mixer.

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