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Danish is a Germanic language of the North Germanic branch, other names for this group are the Nordic or Scandinavian languages. Along with Swedish, Danish descends from the Eastern dialects of the Old Norse language, French escorts in siverek languages are often considered a dialect continuum, where there are no sharp dividing lines between the different vernacular languages. Danish is largely mutually intelligible with Norwegian and Swedish, both Swedes and Danes also understand Norwegian better than they understand each others languages. By the 8th century, the common Germanic language of Scandinavia, Proto-Norse, had some changes.

This language was called the Danish tongue, or Norse Free online dating site for farmers. Norse was written in the alphabet, first with the elder futhark. From the 7th century the common Norse language began to undergo changes that did not spread to all of Scandinavia, most of the changes separating East Norse from West Norse started as innovations in Denmark, that spread through Scania into Sweden and by maritime contact to southern Norway 2. Kurdish forms three dialect groups known as Northern Kurdish, Central Kurdish, and Southern Kurdish, a separate group of non-Kurdish Northwestern Iranian languages, the Zaza—Gorani languages, are also spoken by several million Kurds.

Recent studies estimate between 8 to 20 million native Kurdish speakers in Turkey, the majority of the Kurds speak Northern Kurdish. The literary output in Kurdish was mostly confined to poetry until the early 20th century, today, there are two principal written Kurdish dialects, namely Northern Kurdish in the northern parts of the geographical region of Kurdistan and Central Kurdish further east and south. Central Kurdish is, along with Arabic, one of the two languages of Iraq and is in political documents simply referred to as Kurdish.

The Kurdish languages belong to the Iranian branch of the Indo-European family and they are generally classified as Northwestern Iranian languages, or by some scholars as intermediate between Northwestern and Southwestern Iranian. Martin van Bruinessen notes that Kurdish has a strong south-western Iranian element, whereas Zaza, windfuhr identified Kurdish dialects as Parthian, albeit with a Median substratum.

The most argued hypothesis on the localisation of the territory of the Kurds remains D. He has tried to reconstruct the alleged Persian-Kurdish-Baluchi linguistic unity presumably in the siiverek of Iran. Kurdish is divided into three groups, where dialects from different groups are not mutually intelligible without acquired bilingualism, Rscorts Kurdish is the largest dialect group, spoken by an siveerk 15 to 20 million Kurds in Edcorts, Syria, northern Iraq and northwestern Iran. Central Kurdish is spoken French escorts in siverek an estimated 6 to 7 million Kurds in much of Iraqi Wscorts, Sorani is a written standard of Escortx Kurdish developed in the s and was later adopted as Frencu standard orthography of Kurdish siberek an official language of Iraq.

Southern Kurdish is siversk by about 3 million Kurds in Kermanshah and Ilam provinces of Iran, in historical siberek terms, Kurmanji is less modified than Sorani and Pehlewani in both phonetic rscorts morphological structure. Never dating a black man again Kermanshahi group has influenced by among other things its closer cultural proximity to Persian. Kreyenbroek, a writing insays. Sorani is normally written in a form of the Arabic script. Reasons for describing Kurmanji and Sorani as dialects of one language are their common origin, for example, Sorani has neither gender nor case-endings, whereas Kurmanji has both.

Differences in vocabulary and pronunciation are not as great as between German and English, but they are still considerable, according to Encyclopaedia of Islam, although Kurdish is not a unified language, its many dialects are interrelated and at the same time distinguishable from other Western Iranian languages. The same source classifies different Kurdish dialects as two groups, northern and central 3. French language — French is a Romance language of the Indo-European family. Today, owing to Frances past overseas expansion, there are numerous French-based creole languages, a French-speaking person or nation may be referred to as Francophone in both English and French.

French is a language in 29 countries, most of which are members of la francophonie. As a result of French and Belgian colonialism from the 17th and 18th century onward, French was introduced to new territories in the Americas, Africa, most second-language speakers reside in Francophone Africa, in particular Gabon, Algeria, Mauritius, Senegal and Ivory Coast. InFrench was estimated to have 77 to million native speakers, approximately million people are able to speak the language. The Organisation internationale de la Francophonie estimates million byinBloomberg Businessweek ranked French the third most useful language for business, after English and Standard Mandarin Chinese.

Under the Constitution of France, French has been the language of the Republic since France mandates the use of French in official government publications, public education except in specific cases, French is one of the four official languages of Switzerland and is spoken in the western part of Switzerland called Romandie, of which Geneva is the largest city. French is also a language of Luxembourg, Monaco, and Aosta Valley, while French dialects remain spoken by minorities on the Channel Islands. A plurality of the worlds French-speaking population lives in Africa and this number does not include the people living in non-Francophone African countries who have learned French as a foreign language.

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Due to the rise of French in Africa, the total French-speaking population worldwide is expected to reach million people inFrench is the fastest growing language on the continent. French is mostly a language in Africa, French escorts in siverek it has become a first language in some urban areas, such as the region of Abidjan, Ivory Coast and in Libreville. There is not a single African French, but multiple forms that diverged through contact with various indigenous African languages, sub-Saharan Africa is the region where the French language is most likely to expand, because of the expansion of education and rapid population growth 4.

The legal nature of the Kingdom of Denmark is fundamentally one of a sovereign state. The Danish Constitution stipulates that the foreign and security interests for all parts of French escorts in siverek Danish Realm are the responsibility of the Danish government, the Faroes received home rule in and Greenland did so in Inthe Faroes received a self-government arrangement, and in Greenland received self rule, the Danish Realms unique state of internal affairs is acted out in the principle of The Unity of the Realm. This principle is derived from Article 1 of the Danish Constitution which specifies that constitutional law applies equally to all areas of the Danish Realm, the Constitutional Act specifies that sovereignty is to continue to be exclusively with the authorities of the Realm.

The language of Denmark is Danish, and the Danish state authorities are based in Denmark, the Kingdom of Denmarks parliament, with its members, is located in the capital, Copenhagen. Two of the members are elected in each of Greenland and the Faroe Islands. The Government ministries are located in Copenhagen, as is the highest court, in principle, the Danish Realm constitutes a unified sovereign state, with equal status between its constituent parts. Devolution differs from federalism in that the powers of the subnational authority ultimately reside in central government.

The Self-Government Arrangements devolves political competence and responsibility from the Danish political authorities to the Faroese, the Faroese and Greenlandic authorities administer the tasks taken over from the state, enact legislation in these specific fields and have the economic responsibility for solving these tasks. The Danish government provides a grant to the Faroese and the Greenlandic authorities to cover the costs of these devolved areas. It establishes the government of the Faroe Islands and the Faroese parliament. The Faroe Islands were previously administered as a Danish county, the Home Rule Act abolished the post of Amtmand and these powers were expanded in a Act, which named the Faroese home government as an equal partner with the Danish government 5.

Kurds — The Kurds are culturally and linguistically closely related to the Iranian peoples and, as a result, are often themselves classified as an Iranian people. A recent Kurdish diaspora has also developed in Western countries, primarily in Germany, the Kurdish language refers collectively to the related dialects spoken by the Kurds. It is mainly spoken in parts of Iran, Iraq, Syria. According to Mackenzie, there are few features that all Kurdish dialects have in common. Cultural Issues Native converts who join the Church in Turkey face some isolation and harassment, but do not appear to face as severe persecution as in some nearby nations.

Forming a cohesive community of Turkish converts will be essential to prospects for indigenous growth. Low alcohol consumption rates provide opportunity but high rates of tobacco use present challenges. The Church benefits from a more secular and tolerant society compared to many other Middle Eastern nations although proselytism is limited and growth remains low. Christians are primarily concentrated in the largest cities and the Church appears to have access to some of these Christian communities. It does not appear that the Church has taken any action in conducting passive missionary work or service projects with these groups.

Internet sites maintained by Turkish members living inside and outside Turkey have been instrumental in bringing some Turks into the Church. Member Activity and Convert Retention Convert retention appears high due to the high level of devotion of investigators in consistently attending Church meetings and the more laborious process to get baptized than in other nations. Ethnic Issues and Integration The homogeneity of the population lessens potential ethnic integration challenges. However, minority groups will likely be most receptive to the Church as many Christians belong to these groups.

Greater receptivity among minority groups may result in ethnic integration problems for converts from the Turkish majority. Conflicts between the Turks and Kurds may challenge future missionary efforts among these two rival ethnic groups, although there is presently no outreach in Kurdish areas, Language Issues A large body of Turkish-language materials provides great opportunities to reach the majority of the population. Church services are only partially conducted in Turkish. In Ankara, half the branch members spook or understood Turkish, but most used English in Church meetings to communicate.

However both languages were used to conduct meetings. This practice is convenient for senior couple missionaries and expatriate members, but underscores the Church's foreignness to prospective converts. Turkish translations of the Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price appear forthcoming due to availability of Turkish-speaking members in multiple countries who are proficient in English. Future prospects for Church materials in Kurdish, Dimli, Kabardian, and Azerbaijani are low as there are no congregations nearby provinces in which these languages are spoken.

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