Sexual Encounters In Permet

My ma is a perimeter teacher. An inside contract or said ppermet 11 FIG. The times according to legal 12 Sexual encounters in permet an tight edge of the area treating outer bag means is not viewed to the area to facilitate keeping of the vagina treating compress bag eagles from the napkin. That bag has also a more extension for annual the fifty on the customer opening when the acceptance lies on her back. I compress it's the ""Southern Hospitality. Improper end is suitable for maximum insertion of a few therein, whereby the outer bag laws a vagina and may be able from the front or the layer.

Some husbands may also seek sexual enjoyment Sexual encounters in permet other sources, which affects family relations and raises the possibility of transferring sexual diseases. Many divorce cases and familial disputes occur during the periods when couples are forced to stop love making. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention makes it possible to maintain the continuity of the love relationship between the husband and his wife without compulsory interruption of sexual relations so that the wife can give her husband full sexual enjoyment at any time he wishes, during menses, continuous bleeding, vulvitises or any diseases that prevents sexual relations without causing any injury or suffering to the wife.

This strengthens the relationship between the family members for there will be no compulsory love making cessation, which will minimize cases of divorce, quarrels and family disputes which may occur during the period in which love making ceases. The present invention enables a sexual encounter to occur without taking off the feminine napkin and without inserting the penis into the vagina. This is achieved by attaching a circular bag to the feminine napkin from the outside. This circular bag is designed to play the role of the vagina during sexual intercourse. The husband can insert his penis into the circular bag while his wife is lying on her back with the napkin in its location without putting on a short.

The napkin is fixed between the thighs and fixed from behind by an extending portion that is placed between the rumps. The opening of the circular bag is designed in the shape of the female vagina with all of its details including the hymen. The circular bag is made of a soft material including rings, windings and protrusions from inside as well as a suitable cream to give the husband the maximum sexual enjoyment possible. When it becomes impossible to engage in a sexual encounter with the wife from the front side, such as when she is pregnant, a circular bag can be used for engaging in sex from the back side while the woman is lying on her side.

For this purpose, a circular bag that is opened from the back can be used. A circular bag appears attached to the napkin on the front side which plays the role of the vagina and allows the husband to insert himself into it. A downwardly extending portion acts as a sticky fixing part to be placed between the rumps in order to fix the napkin to the vagina opening while the woman is lying on her back without wearing panties. The bag attached to the napkin has a free edge on its upper side and it is not attached to the napkin. This facilitates pulling the bag off the napkin to continue to use the napkin to save cost. This view shows the shape of the bag during use.

This figure shows the rings, windings and inside protrusions in the bag that helps to give the husband as full enjoyment as possible with the use of a suitable cream. The opening of the circular bag is toward the button for enabling sexual intercourse from the back. The insertion opening has side extension to be held with and open the bag, and small extensions on the other sides to facilitate sealing the cover of the opening. The fixing side at the bottom of the circular bag is separated from the bag. This makes it is possible to take off the bag and to turn it over to make the opening be at the bottom side.

A sign or indicia is provided on the fixing side to show the location of sticking the bag when it is turned over. A circular bag 3 that has an opening 4 at the upper side, is stuck to front side 2. Insertion occurs through opening 4. Bag 3 plays the role of the vagina during sexual intercourse. Insertion is performed in that bag 3 gives the man the same sexual feelings. The circular bag 3 has a downward extension 5 that works as a fixing side for fixing the napkin 1 to the vagina opening when the woman lies on her back without wearing panties.

The fixing part 5 is preferably placed between the rumps with a suitable sticky material on it.

The napkin is preferably fixed from the front side by pressing it between the thighs while the legs are stretched and the circular bag permeh opening 4 is directed upward permmet allow the husband to insert into the circular bag Sexual encounters in permet through the opening 4 while positioned opposite the wife. When the weather is cold the circular bag can be exposed to pwrmet hot air stream from a hair dryer before using the bag enncounters. Medically there will be no injury to the woman Sexxual she enncounters subject to sexual excitement during menses because there is no insertion of the penis into the vagina.

The opening 4 of the bag 3 is shaped like a woman's vulva with all of its components, including the labia minora, labia majora, clitoris and hymen, in the same natural color of the body. The upper part 7 of the opening 4 is loose to facilitate taking the bag 3 off the napkin 1 and disposing it while continuing to use the napkin 1 for cost savings. That napkin 1 is usually put on immediately before a sexual encounter. The circular bag 3 is made up of a flexible soft material. It contains rings 8 FIG. To facilitate opening the entrance 4, the opening 4 has fine extensions 9 on both sides so that they can be held open. Aint quite decided jus yet.

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