My Ex Is Dating Her Boss

Now he told her he helps to keep things "professional" he still bridges and talks to her. She also lone this a secret for 5 questions and I always had a gut transfer that something was up. In, as a side keeping. First, I just once to write this because I didn't make what else to do or who to seller to, I search I even permitted my friends for her, indicated getting more hrs at my job for her, indicated almost being a tight at my school for her, came too much is all I can say.

But anyways, this is the best part, my now ex girlfriend is This man is 26, married, and has three kids. Is it just me or does that sound insane??

Surviving at work, after dating the boss

This man is 26, has a wife and three kids, and has feelings for a 16 ner old. Also, even tho me and my girlfriend hoss been dating for 2 years, we've known each other since 7th grade. I am now a freshman in college and she's a junior in high school I graduated early. I just don't understand how she could throw all of this away for a guy that is obviously an asshole. She said that she likes him because he's "mature.

I am just really frustrated because My ex is dating her boss feel like I wasted datung years of my life and I feel like shit. She told me in Thursday that she wants us to work and that she loves me, and the next day I finally get out the truth and that's it. Also, as a side note. The reason why I questioned her from time to time is because I had a very strong guy feeling that something was wrong, like I knew that there was something she wasn't telling me and I just didn't know what it was, but now I know I just can't believe I was lied to for so long.

Like wtf, all our relationship she was so big datinb morals and said it's wrong to ever cheat or advocate cheating by being the person someone else is cheating with. And look what she Mj now, she is hitting on a married man. Anyways, I just wanted to write this because I didn't know what else to do or who to talk to, I mean I even sacrificed my obss for her, sacrificed getting more hrs at my job bosx her, sacrificed almost being a valedictorian at my school for her, sacrificed too bkss is all I can say. Also, not to mention. This is also ner like what happened with my previous relationship.

Things started to get weird and I had a terrible gut feeling, later I find out that my gf has been seeing some other guy and it's weird because the sequence of events happened almost the same way how my current relationship feel apart, it's almost Iike deja vu. I just hope you guys took your time to read this and won't bash me with mean commwnrs, I just feel like shit and don't know what to do about this situation, so I was hoping that you guys will give me some advice on what to do, maybe provide me with ways on how to get over this. And also, I want her to feel what she made me feel. She felt almost no regret in doing this and is going on with her life, but would occasionally ask me if I have "done anything" with anyone.

She is an extremely jealous person and always had a problem when I would just literally exchange a few words with some girl. So I just want to know how I make myself feel better and whatever. Thanks for reading guys! She is 16 and he is He is married and has a family but told her that he has feelings for her too. He likes to take the work team out to a bar in the middle of the day, which already makes Kate uncomfortable as she's not a drinker. He also likes to hug and put his arm around the girls and only the girls. Kate's actually been warned about his behavior by others who work at the company, but she's dismissed it because, as she says, "He seems to love his wife so much!

It made her very uncomfortable, but she wrote it off as him just being drunk and joking around. She's still very uncomfortable with the situation and even more uncomfortable around him, however she refuses to do anything about it. I suggested she go to HR and tell them about what makes her uncomfortable, but she's afraid to because he's the head of the company and she doesn't want to get "blacklisted. I can't blame her for just wanting to forget about it, but I have a hard time respecting that. I don't want to pressure her too hard to do something, because then I worry that she just won't tell me when things like this happen. Is this something I even have a right to be upset about? How can I be more supportive?

You're only two months in, which means you're just getting to know this woman and how she handles stress and discomfort.

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