Loved Your Belt In Hua Hin

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It makes you bua groggy when you arrive at your destination. Keep some form of nausea relief handy for the flight. We travel quite a bit, and I never got motion sick a day in my life until our flight to Athens last year.

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Join me on Facebook and Pinterest!! What began as a getaway town of the royalty and aristocracy, soon caught the imagination of the rich and famous and Hua Hin began catering to an exclusive set of visitors. It was only in the s that foreign travellers discovered this gem. A host of hotels sprang up to cater to the growing demand and lavish beach houses and condominiums were built all along the coastline. One estimate is that out of a total population of 80, almost 4, are foreigners. The lovely beach extends from a rocky promontory and undulates towards the feet of a Giant standing Buddha at the Khao Takiap temple.

It offers a multitude of shops selling all kinds of wares and tongue-tickling street food at affordable prices. Or, head to the Chatchai Market, where the local population shops for its supplies. It aims to bring together artists, art students, buyers, performers and connoisseurs.

It offers everything from sculptures to paintings, traditional handicrafts and artefacts. Exhibitions in this area feature young artists with unique ideas. At the Amphitheatre, one can catch traditional dance and music programmes on weekends. It is a high promontory that protrudes proudly into the sea. Once a humble fishing village, it is slowly making the transition to beach town with several hotels and villas springing up on its periphery. Besides, a beautiful palm-fringed beach, the minuscule town has several temples among which the Khao Takiap Temple is the most famous. It has a mammoth golden statue of Buddha atop the hill.

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