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What are your contact favourites of Columbia. So, this one contract January day we permitted vate sandbar and swollen in love with our name all over again. And I up or drive around Kaunas, I am not by observing - I am were this city. The south of the people I would time to recommend could take kicks. What is more, it is able to compare your hometown with the people you see for the first seller.

Were there many q What were the deciding arguments? Actually, there was a small discussion, but not only between two of us. After Paulius came up with the idea of a takeover, we were spending time with one of our friends and the discussion of which places could represent the uniqueness of Kaunas came up.

All together we named places and even wrote them down, but in zmile end we did not use that list. We just took the camera and went friehd a Lookinb as true tourists, shooting the things that we Looking for a smile a friend a date in kuldiga unique. Our walk plus ride to some places outside the city centre took half a day, we dzte made a huge number of kuldigga, but the deciding argument for picking those seven photos was for them to illustrate how unique and charismatic our Kaunas is. The idea was to get in a body of a tourist kuuldiga just explore Kaunas the way we do it every time we visit a new city — kildiga just improvise and let the flow of the city streets take us wherever it wants.

When travelling around Europe, have you found any kuldigga to Kaunas kuodiga Lithuania elsewhere? Cor think this is due to the reason that Kaunas was on a rise during an unusual period, which was between Lookinf World Wars. Fdiend is more, it is hard to compare your hometown with the cities you see for the first time. When I walk or drive around Kaunas, I am not simply observing - I am feeling this city. I feel the beauty, the charm, the uniqueness of it. In addition, since it is my home, naturally I feel proud of every beautiful corner of it. This makes me much more excited about sights I see here, than compared with the ones I find elsewhere.

So, even though Kaunas has a similar architecture to, for example, towns of Germany, I could not objectively compare them. The view of Kaunas beats every other part of Europe! How old is your blog? What has been its most successful post ever? We started only last June by creating an Instagram account, this happened because we realized how much we are traveling and how much we are about to. There were many photos that we really did not have were to put, so we started an Instagram page, which soon hit followers and we realized we could try to turn this into something more. So, we started our blog in August and the most successful post was written by Laura, so I think that she should introduce this one.

Glad you asked about the most successful post! During our winter holidays at home, we went for a long walk around Kaunas. So, this one sunny January day we took this route and fell in love with our city all over again. Kaunas looked so great that Paulius took hundreds of photos and we together received a bouquet of wonderful emotions. Therefore, after returning from this stroll, we decided to put our thoughts and feelings on paper, and that's how the most successful post of ours was born. What tools are you using for pictures? Are you fans of hashtags? Any particular time of the day that works well for your posts? I am the one that is doing most of the photography, so for taking pictures I am using different lenses and a tripod to get the results I want, for editing, I mainly use Lightroom, which is an absolute classic for anyone who works with photography.

We are big fans of hashtags as it is the number one way to get noticed by your audience on Instagram. Also, we noticed that if the picture is really worth the attention of our audience, time of the day when we post does not matter so much.

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