Ikon Junhoe Dating

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It junhos to be a super hit as they have sold more thanalbums by March Speculations Ikon junhoe dating gained weight since they have been spotted together twice. The first time they were seen shopping together at renowned Edit Shop. Soon they came back in the limelight when fans noticed both of them wearing the same sneakers, as some consider as indications of a relationship. However, few fans are of the view that both of them are just close friends. At the moment, no scandal or rumor has raised regarding his relationship status. However, he has expressed that his ideal girl should be nice and affectionate.

Moreover, he has also hinted that his girlfriend should be the one who is loquacious because he speaks less. Despite being the youngest, people consider him highly professional during musical performances. Yunhyeong Song Yun Hyeong The whole band as well as the fans were shocked when an unexpected incident took place out of the blue. I brought my wallet and phone, wore my sunglasses and headed to the park. I walked for about 5 minutes and looked around There i saw a guy sitting on a swing. I smiled and walked towards him "What do you want? Only the sound of swings and the wind breeze surounded us. It's just the two of us in this playground "You know" we both said "You first" he said looking down "I.

I saw the news" i started.

Who is Gay in Ikon and Why People Think So?

He looked at me and i smiled "You're dating? Will never Ikon junhoe dating he continued "Pabo ya! You're not gonna date forever!? I'm not gonna date if I is also known as Hanbin. I confessed that he had never been dating before and he did not explain the reason. He also shared that he already had dream girl. He likes a girl who wears oversized cardigan and skinny jeans. However, based on other interview with a magazine B. I even confessed that his fingers had touched the most private area of his band mates. The latter statement gives a stong indication that B.

Bobby is the only member of IKON who admitted he had dated a girl before. Inhe blatantly confessed that he had been single for four years and he had dated only twice. Bobby looks for a girl with strong personality. Jinhwan once shared that he prefers beautiful ellegant girls to cute ones and he loves to see them in mini skirt.

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