How Do You Hook Up Two Monitors To A Pc

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If your external display is not shown by Windows, your computer does not support this feature.

External hardware monitora Finally, there are a few external hardware solutions that allow you moniitors have a multiple monitor hooi on your computer. Matrox DualHead2Go - This external jou device connects to your computer and allows you to connect two other displays to it. Once everything is connected, you can have a two monitors on a computer without having to add a video card. If you use any of the above suggestions but have a difficult time managing windows or need additional features we also suggest reading the below Ultramon software solution. Software Another popular, easy, and fast method of connecting multiple monitors to a computer is through software.

However, although these solutions are easy there are a few disadvantages: Each extra monitor you want to connect to the computer must also connect to another computer or laptop running the software. For this to work, you need to have computers networked together. Install the program onto each of the computers with the displays you want to use, run the program, and you have a computer with multiple displays.

How to have a multiple monitors or displays on a computer

You can also switch to remote control mode, which allows you to remotely control the other computer. Ultramon has improved window management, Taskbar on each monitor, special shortcuts, screen savers for each of the monitors connected, and mirroring the display to other monitors. But for many monitors especially those on laptopsthings will seem very cramped. Hooking Up Multiple Monitors Hooking up an additional monitor to your computer should be very simple. Some computers may include splitter cables that allow you to connect multiple monitors to a single port.

Most laptops also come with ports that allow you to hook up an external monitor. This all depends on the ports your computer has and how your monitor connects. Configuring Multiple Monitors in Windows Windows makes using multiple monitors easy. Just plug the monitor into the appropriate port on your computer, and Windows should automatically extend your desktop onto it. You can now just drag and drop windows between monitors. Windows will only use your primary monitor, and any additional monitors will be black. Windows will show the same image on all monitors. Windows will enlarge and extend your desktop, giving you another screen to work with. Windows will turn off your primary display and only use the secondary display.

Display number one is your primary display. You can also choose separate display orientations—for example, perhaps one display is on its side and you need to rotate the picture. Under Multiple displays, you can choose how you want to use your display. You can also change which display is your primary one from here.

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