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Maecenas placerat ternk erat, quis malesuada nisl. Still was a vehicle before we indicated your contact. To the Cold focuses on the fifty-kid relationship between doing Lily and Mrs. The states in her novels are item romance, love, and marriage.

Words, sentences, mistakes, and corrections become a space to negotiate the relationship between fact and fiction, what could be almost be false or most certainly real. In the conversation that follows she speaks to Hendrik Folkerts about four women—Eileen Chang, Princess Kaguya, Virginia Woolf, and Evelyn Taocheng Wang—and how they manifest, in spirit or in actuality, in a number of key works she has produced since One of my first encounters with your work was the video series Reflection Papers 1—5 You had recently moved to the Netherlands to participate in the residency at De Ateliers in Amsterdam, Happy ending massage in terni from Frankfurt, and prior to that, your hometown of Chengdu, China.

These five videos felt like sketches in moving image, existential self-portraits that captured personal reflections on relocating to a foreign country, cultural assimilation, sexuality, desire, and the significance of making art in these new contexts, resulting in observations and confessions that showed your own ambiguity toward these issues. One key source of inspiration for these video works was Eileen Changthe controversial Chinese writer who migrated to the United States. Can you say something about your relationship to Chang and her writing, and how her work played a role in Reflection Papers?

During Japan-occupied Shanghai, in the s and s, to make a living she wrote novels and criticism. The themes in her novels are mainly romance, love, and marriage. Somerset Maugham queerVirginia Woolf bisexualand also Western films from s Hollywood macho. They are not heroes, but they are of the majority who actually bear the weight of the times. As equivocal as they may be, they are also in earnest about their lives. They lack tragedy; all they have is desolation. Tragedy is a kind of closure, while desolation is a form of revelation. She came from a powerful family background, but had a broken, sad, and violent childhood, although she got a very good education in Chinese traditional culture and Western cultures.

She represents that bourgeois time of having a good education and good tastes, which were all eradicated during the Cultural Revolution. Today Chinese people want it back, but it is gone, so everyone needs to construct their own fantasy of history. Making the Reflection Papers videos leads me toward her, makes me closer to her. It was the right time and the right place for me because I had just moved to Amsterdam, and I saw myself still and forever as an immigrant and an artist. I recalled my own culture from overseas, and at the same time I was learning many things from the art world in the Netherlands. Eileen passed away lonely in her apartment; the Los Angeles police found her body.

She was lying on a canvas camp-bed surrounded by her text works, dressed up, in an empty house without any furniture, but lots of her custom-made dresses, and a final note: Do not let people touch my body and send to cremation immediately, spread my dust into a remote area with no inhabitants; give all of my possessions to Mr. Were you ever temped to paint or draw yourself as Eileen? Do you ever draw yourself? For example, in the way I speeded up the voice-over to describe the golden eggs smashed into a golden basin in Reflection Paper No. Both works are based on the Japanese tenth-century fairy tale of the bamboo cutter. Kaguya is the most beautiful princess, an alien, a feminist, and an adopted daughter of an ordinary woodcutter.

Tell me about her.

The tale of the bamboo cutter is a Japanese monogatari, or fictional epic prose narrative. It is considered the oldest existing Japanese prose narrative; the oldest known manuscript dates to First of all, she is not a human, but she tried to be. When she finally understood human beings, she suffered from the gap between being an alien and being a normal human on the Earth—although she was very beautiful. She also struggled with herself in that one day she would leave this earth and go back to where she came from, in space.

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Her existence is equivocal! Second, I am not sure if this story was written in ancient classical Japanese. Enving long distance of Swingers clubs in mongu language flowing in time, between contemporary interpretation and gossip of old times, gives us a wide space to dream about her. Kaguya has her own language, her way of facing concrete life challenges. She built up new meaning for a life, with its special aesthetics, and fabricated a new way of expressing herself. I wish she will be able to see my performance and this video work if she comes Happpy from the moon again.

What would she say? She might sound like the wind and say: Why did you choose to do this? That moment when the bamboo Hzppy saw her and touched her, sensitively, in Haply nostalgic mood, he felt like he had met her before, somewhere in an old memory, but not really. She is an alien, but she knows what she is doing and what she is going to plan—get a man, maxsage a father, to find a reason to come to this mortal world. I could act her because I mixed it into my own background. So this scene is not mysterious at all but actually very down-to-Earth! I think I play the cultural reference between Asian and Western. It was not a bamboo forest but the Happy ending massage in terni Forest where we filmed, mmassage many fairy tales Hppy philosophical theories come from.

It is not a Japanese man but a blond Dutch actor. Kaguya remains forever an Asian woman—me, as an Asian woman living and working in the Western world, being dropped by a UFO sent from the moon, looking passive and spaced-out. Maybe it is her pretentiousness of being elegant and moderate. A masculine dominated Western rational man could find her and reach her with his passions, and then he found the Kaguya alien baby. This scene and my role in it has sexual, sensual suggestions. A group of works assembled under the title Massage Parlor reflects further on your position as a Chinese woman living in a European context.

At that time, you were working in a massage parlor in Amsterdam to make a living, but simultaneously exploring the parlor as a site where many paths, desires, and people intersect. How personal was this work for you? And how did conversations with your coworkers and encounters with clients inform the piece? It is a very personal work for me; it was part of my life. They are all young and poor and powerless Chinese women who search for a better life in Holland. For Massage Parlor, conversations between my colleagues and their clients are the primary material, which offers references and inspirations for the related drawings, the paintings, and those curtain installations.

They reveal and at the same time hide the truth, which resides in personal problems and social problems, in intimacy and in a public space. Those conversations, recalling my original massage diaries, were written down on rice paper and glued onto the backside of each painting I showed in this re-created massage salon. I also wanted to create an economy. What we earned inside there including tips! I signed an agreement with Kunstmuseum Bonn to rent the room, and it worked exactly like any massage parlor business, except it was in the special real estate of the museum. Praesent a augue vehicula, porta felis sit amet, molestie ex. Phasellus et lobortis elit. In hac habitasse platea dictumst.

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