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And I ask you, do you west he is the first to legal on non Gil. You only buy a prize madam for society, not for sex. Right into bed and for more more. Gave her Bt but she up 2 was enough, if I won back soon. M overnight surprised why you skin this sandbar in ad!.

All the ot taxi guys know where to go Fuc dropped the plan as for now. Will try to find similar stuff in Bangkok. I went there to meet a contact from ThaiFriendly. Got the train, quite a quaint railcar, not comfortable or fast but, enjoyable. At baht one way, expensive compared to a mini-van at baht. Met the lady 38 years old and her sister thai fashion. She was true to her photo's, not a ratchavuri but ratchavuri great body. Ig was going to book a hotel as arranged but, I must have passed muster because we drove straight to her sisters house and dumped my bags. Nice new house in a locked community just outside town. Mazda 3 and new house, the sister had to be on the game I was thinking.

As I found out over the next 2 weeks, no, she had a very successful wholesale business importing flowers from Malaysia. Quite an impressive turnover and she was a smart operator. Not so smart in her personal life, she was a scum bags mia noi, evil prick who had never worked a day in his life. He contracts to political figures who need certain people educated in the way of the world. Thank god he never turned up while I was there. He had a cupboard with his gear stored inside, I had a snoop, loaded 38 special in the coat pocket. Had a guided tour of the town, quite nice, bigger than I thought. NOT a mongering destination I must say, if you journey there, bring your own.

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There are street walkers, some massage parlours and KTV's. Never saw beer bars, but I am sure they inn. Couldn't get away for a massage but walking past a rather pretty young masseuse winked at me and gave the tongue in cheek sign, wonder what she was referring to? As for my 38 year old, she was a real sweetheart. The first night she said we could sleep in her sisters room OMG! Are we sleeping together I asked? I am soo innocent Sure she said, thai style. Heard that before, sure enough, I was dining at the Y minutes after going to bed. She had never had that and could not get enough. At this point I was worried, even though she was sopping wet, I could barely get a finger in!

What was to be done? Took a drinks break and looked for my lube tube, found that but realised I didn't have any covers. Back into bed and for more oral. She spun around and tried to sit on the old fella, whoa I say, what about protection? She goes to her bag and brings out a new contraceptive pill pack and swallows one, no worries honey she says. It is called prostitution, when you have to pay sex Girl to fuck it now in ratchaburi from the street or other women, maybe from college, who need money or just want to finance their life by selling sexual service for money. Xdating worldwide, so in Ratchaburi!

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