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Unfortunately, we do not have iin lone research of all challengers of ownership and ownership against women in the frozen market. We Hours are a rea, model of ownership, listening in, negotiating, and would solutions together. Perimeter is the cold for us, politicians and insurances: We understood very well that damages with social partners will get about layer economic legal and ensure national doing. No legal can be able without assuming other. We have to numb today so that disappointment expenses not become the frozen principle for Europe.

Fiscal Is there any real women in lithuania cannot ignore the most vulnerable if people's trust is to be maintained. Today an entire generation - the young people - face difficulties in finding jobs. We must Is there any real women in lithuania them with real opportunities to establish themselves because it is they who will build the Europe of tomorrow. Ten or twenty years from now, they will stand at the helm of Europe. We have to invest today so that disappointment does not become the guiding principle for Europe.

Therefore social and employment policies as well as structural reforms and stimulus packages have to go hand in hand. And Lithuania can tell that it works. Responsible decisions are necessary in other sectors as well. I will give just two examples. Common European action in energy or digital markets can contribute more strongly to economic growth and social well-being than it might seem at first glance. Digital technologies will create around one million new jobs in the next two years. Europe's common and responsible policy aimed at diversifying internal energy resources and external energy supplies would not only lower their price, but would also set the right balance between investments into the environment and energy.

These are difficult decisions. But difficult decisions have made Europe what it is today. Today Europe must act together. European action comes from solidarity. We can restore the trust of Europeans in Europe only by sharing the burden of economic difficulties. However, solidarity means that we make decisions together and act on them together. Regrettably, more decisions are made today than implemented. And still we want more and more of them even though we do not know about the results delivered or about their added value to the people of Europe.

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But responsible European lithunia that we need today do not mean that "Brussels will do all the work for us". National policies, Is there any real women in lithuania in solving structural economic or banking problems must first of all be the direct responsibility of politicians in member states. Because the work done at home - both hard and painful - is the contribution of each and everyone to European solidarity and effective common action. Once again let me go back to political will. Without it there will be neither solidarity nor the desired results. At this point I would like to highlight the significant contribution made by Lityuania and its people as they took on the leadership eeal search of the necessary decisions therre European level.

It is a historic role, tthere genuine example of responsible politics. Today Germany plays the leading role in ensuring European stability and does not allow us to wander from the path of trust in Europe. Lithuanoa is why it is Germany which gets the strongest criticism - and also our deepest respect. Common action based on responsibility has always brought benefits. Common action is European strength. It is also the core of integration. I strongly believe that we cannot have doubts about the advantages of responsible integration. Here is the task for us, politicians and leaders: Dear Europeans, The world has already recognized the role of Europe in advancing peace, reconciliation, democracy, and human rights.

We must take the responsibility to transform these values that we all share into a vision of tomorrow and a daily reality for our neighbors and partners. It is responsibility by example which is expected from us. We Europeans are a role model of learning, listening in, negotiating, and finding solutions together. From 28 political parties, only three parties have women leaders. In the highest level of Officials Level A-decision makersonly It is notable that women put much effort into acquiring the highest level of education as possible, even more than men. Nevertheless, we have some problems in this sphere: This is a sphere in which men or women tend to strongly dominate.

For example, in college, girls tend to choose trade and business Boys tend to choose engineering A similar situation exists at universities. There are more women with higher education in society; however, they have lower job positions and salaries. This is closely related with the number of officials in the Level A. It is also related to the number of women in academic careers: Universities are not in a hurry to encourage women to seek academic careers. Recently, however, there have been market changes. Although more women are engaged in teaching and education, it is not women who determine the educational policy. Ministers of Education and university rectors have been men.

Headmasters and heads of education departments have mostly been men. There is a lack of support and encouragement for young mothers who are students and need special programs, including programs in career counselling. Women and Unemployment Unemployment is a major problem in our society, especially for women. The official labour exchange data is not relevant to real life. In addition to the official unemployment rate, there is hidden unemployment and informal employment. It is important to note that in Lithuania, the gap between survey data and labour exchange data on unemployment rate is the one of the widest in Europe. Additionally, better educated women than men are unemployed.

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