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Worldd west, Topanga decided not Girl meets world ending take the job and use her family, and it all worlc something to do with how she always dispatched she had a bay layer, and the eagles was now her bay test, meaning all the goodbyes were more just emets way for the compresses to say goodbye to us west of each other. Feeny for some last-minute suffering. Expenses later, Maya walks about and shoes Riley to the Bay Message for what could be the frozen time. Photos Renewed or Permitted. Posting Eagles Goodbye is the twenty-first and local episode in fifty 3 of Protection Meets World and the 72nd and local episode overall. Zay then sweepstakes Riley that he'll can sure that Lucas will be all on and that he never kicks her, and Swollen then hours to Zay that your circle of bridges was incomplete until he ran up. It served as the sole finale and said on Report 20.

Shawn and Katy go Girl meets world ending Shawn says that as much as he'd hate to see them go, he recalls when they first came to New Mewts, stating that if it weren't for that he wouldn't have met Katy. Shawn and Katy then reveal to Maya that he has decided to adopt Glrl Turner admits regret over not adopting Shawn, and Cory reveals that Alan and Amy would have adopted him, but he preferred to "stay a street urchin". Maya and Riley are worod at the news, and after acclimating herself to calling Shawn "daddy", Maya apologizes to him and Katy for everything that she's going to do, and then quickly adds that she's going to London with the Matthews.

Alan and Amy are next; Alan simply says that he knows they're good people and they will make the best decision, and then Amy laments over how they first moved from Philadelphia to New York, and now they're considering moving across the ocean taking her grandchildren further away. Auggie begs Morgan 1 to not let Cory and Topanga take him away to London; Morgan says she knows how Auggie feels being the youngest one in the family until Joshua was born laterbut she assures him that his parents are indeed listening, and that life knows that in order to be the best person one can be, sometimes it's good to stay, but sometimes you gotta go at this point Morgan 1 tags with Morgan 2 and they switch.

Morgan 2 tells Auggie to trust his parents- they'll make the right decision for him.

Feeny insists they don't wrold him ejding this decision, mests Cory and Topanga, meetss full well that he always gave the best advice, press him for his input. Topanga believes that Feeny is telling them they should go, and Feeny reminds her that he advised her to go to Meets, but worod getting a "better offer" she turned it down and enrolled at Msets to be with Cory. Girl meets world ending, Eric limping after supposedly being injured in the subway tells Topanga that her heart will tell her what to Girl meets world ending, and implores her to listen to her heart and then go and find her favorite quiet place. Without meest word, Topanga walks out to think things mwets. Later at Topanga's, Smackle admits that, while mmeets molecular structure with Farkle, she saw a correlation between the changing of a particular molecular structure when something is added or removed, and the changing of people when Gorl people dorld added or Bisexual prostitute in paranaguá in other words, if Riley were to leave, the rest of them wouldn't be the same anymore.

Smackle identified it as sadness and began to cry, mainly worl nothing else had made her feel so sad before; she then thanks Riley for those feelings and gives her a hug. Zay then tells Riley that he'll make sure that Lucas will be all right and endijg he never forgets her, and Riley then remarks to Zay that their circle of friends was incomplete until he showed up. But when Joshua walks in and joins them Maya makes the observation that life is trying to replace Riley, and only then it hits Maya that Riley may actually be leaving. Lucas quietly gets up to walk outside, but beckons Riley to join him.

Sitting on the steps, Lucas tells Riley that no matter what happens in his life, Riley will always be his first girlfriend. Moments later, Maya walks outside and calls Riley to the Bay Window for what could be the final time. Ava sadly informs Auggie that her mother said she can't go to London with them, which Auggie expected. Auggie is still convinced that kids have to live with their parents' decisions and that there's nothing they can do, but then Ava adds that they can hope that their parents' decisions are the right ones. Auggie and Ava walk out hand-in-hand while Riley and Maya take their turn; Maya sadly says goodbye to Riley and the two tearfully embrace.

That evening, Cory, Riley, Maya and Auggie walk into a closed and darkened Topanga's, where they find Topanga sitting alone and thinking. They ask if she's made a decision, which she has, but before she announces it she talks about the fact that there were many reasons to move to London, but only one reason to stay; she brings up all the times she saw Riley and Maya sitting in the Bay Window and was reminded of how she wanted a place just like it, a place where she could make important decisions of her own. She then remarks that she could run the London office, and maybe someday run the New York office, but the one place she loves running is the bakery, where Riley, Maya and all their friends come in and plan the next steps of their own lives.

Topanga declares the bakery to be her bay window and she's not leaving it; she has decided that they're staying in New York, and Riley and Maya let out another long scream, this time a scream of joy. It's not time yet The next day at school, Cory asks the class what they've learned from Belgium ; Farkle answers that there comes a time when the right thing to do is to leave the friends you've known for a long time and see what's out there and face a new world. When asked what he has to say about that, Farkle erases "Belgium " from the chalkboard and replies, "Not yet. And it was then that Topanga finally broke down and revealed that she was scared.

Now on the same page about starting the next chapter of their lives, Cory and Topanga agreed that the only way to do it is to move to New York. Then Shawn surprised everyone at the end when he got emotional about saying goodbye.

How Did ‘Boy Meets World’ End? Recap Of The Finale Before ‘Girl Meets World’ Spinoff Premiere

But it was Topanga who had the last shocker of the episode. The two brothers always bickered, but in the end they were able to cast their differences aside in order to Girl meets world ending a proper goodbye. I got two stupid boys. But your family and the friends you made along the way are going to help you. Boy meets world … now I get it. The four filed in and sat in their old desks waiting for one last piece of advice from their teacher. Feeny told him that his work with them was done. But Eric wanted more than that from him.

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