Clever Things To Say To A Guy

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You can have Clever things to say to a guy surprising amount of fun imagining your own awesome funeral. Probably more than one. How about some embarrassment? Find out something incredibly stupid that your guy did. But remember, you should be nice and tell him one of your stories of you doing something stupid as well. This one is a bit out of left field. But it could be interesting depending on how into scifi and future stuff the guy is. Give it a shot, you might get an interesting answer! There are so many ways to apply the saying that there is a huge range of answers. Although, if he has a rough romantic past, you might be hearing about an ex-girlfriend.

What game do you dominate when you play it? Most guys are into games. So with this slightly random question you can learn a lot about what he likes. Also you can give him a little room to brag as well. What scene from a movie scarred you for life? I like this one a lot too because you can sometimes get some really interesting answers. Of course it might be a super boring answer, but who knows? You might get something really unexpected. What is your hometown best known for? What is the longest amount of time you have been awake? I mean, no one stays up for days just out of boredom.

Plus, people get a bit loopy after being up for a long time, so probably there are some funny stories in there too. What landmark from your childhood was destroyed and what was put up in its place? Plus, I can Clever things to say to a guy you both have an answer to this one. What would you do if you woke up tomorrow and it was 13 Clfver in the past and you were your younger self but still had your current memories and experiences? What is yo most useful thing your mom or dad has taught you? A great question for guj to know him a little bit better. You can find out more about his parents and what he thinks is worthwhile. What fun activity from your childhood has been completely ruined for kids today?

Plus you both get to reminisce about your childhood and what you enjoyed about it. What piece of tech do you hope is invented in your lifetime? Another one that is a lot of fun to discuss. There are so many to choose from in science fiction and your own imagination. Definitely an uncommon question. And there is sure to be an interesting answer to go with it. Hey, you wanted weird questions right? How often does your brain go on autopilot? If you were a DJ, what would your DJ name be? Which movie do they need to a sequel to? What would be the most ironic way that someone could die?

What reality TV show would you most like to see made? Where do you put it? The last thing you ate is now the only thing you can eat. How soon do you die? If you have a logo instead of a name, what would it look like? You are about to get into a fight, what song comes on as your soundtrack?

Weird questions to ask a guy

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